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Denver 2011 – Communing with Nature and…? Part 1

It might just take me several months to finish writing about my trip to Denver, and I’m honestly sorry about that… haha.  I’d also like to apologize in advance if random DC-related posts pop up in between Denver posts.  Oops.

So during my time in Colorado, I made it a point to engage in some outdoor activities.  It’s Colorado…  You have to become one with nature at some point, right?  My friend (let’s call her KH) suggested two fairly famous locales at which we could get outdoorsy: Red Rocks and Estes Park .  Both excursions resulted in some pretty close calls…

Close Call #1: Red Rocks and beyond… haha

I decided to try and be really ambitious and hike Red Rocks.  It’s a park/amphitheater…  absolutely gorgeous, set among some… well… red rocks.  During the season, they have lots of great shows there, but you can also hike and bike and enjoy the natural setting. Being slightly handicapped, I was a little wary of really hiking, but I figured I’d be fine.  Well, I neglected to consider the following: a.) I wasn’t accustomed to the altitude and 2.) that park actually does have some really challenging terrain!  Needless to say, I didn’t last very long.  But the views were spectacular, and it was really nice to be out there.  In any event, KH was nice enough to not call me a total wuss, and we decided to head back to the city.  As we’re driving back, KH sees a sign for Center City, and comments on the casinos there.  ”Wanna go play some slots?” she says.  ”I’m on vacation,” I say, “let’s do it.”  Thus begins our little detour.

We stopped in initially at the Dostal Alley casino, but only because we parked in their lot and the parking attendant was being really annoying about the whole thing.  We moved on to the next casino, where I won $12.50…. WHOO!!  Finally, we stopped in at this antique store, and that’s where things got interesting.  Now, I LOVE seeing old objects/buildings/etc.  I find it intriguing to see things that have lasted decades/centuries and always wonder what life in that past was like.  So I’m loving this antique shop.  Well then we hear some other customers ask the proprietor if the place is haunted.  ”Yup!” he answers quickly.  ”I thought so,” the customer says, “I’m a medium, and I could feel the spirits.”  So now I’m REALLY loving this place.  Yes, I totally believe in ghosts and mediums and all that crap.  Then the lady asks if she can explore the place and see if she gets any strong feelings.  The proprietor tells her she can go anywhere except upstairs, because that’s where he lives.  Then he goes on to tell us that the building used to be a brothel and saloon and upstairs is where “the whores used to work.”  Okay then.  We go downstairs to where there’s more stuff and where he’s storing some things.  Here’s where the “medium” really turns it on.   She does the whole “close eyes, breath deep, fold hands” deal… at which point me and KH decided she wasn’t a real medium, because, boy, what a show.  Then she proceeds to tell us that the spirits, “don’t like us being here.”  Uh huh.

We ask if we can go down to the REAL basement, and the guy tells us we can but there aren’t any lights down there.  Well, then, why on earth would I go down there??  But down one set of stairs, we see a chair with a half-eaten plate of food sitting on it and what looks like a bag.  Weird.  So we go back upstairs to have another look around at what we might buy.  KH stops me suddenly and, very seriously, tells me that she’s figured it out.  ”This place isn’t haunted,” she says.  ”The guy is a murderer.  Let’s get out of here.”  After a little more convincing coupled with some bizarre behavior by the proprietor, I decide she may be right and we haul ass.

I know what you’re thinking —  ”You guys are crazy and paranoid.  It was just an antique shop.”  Okay, okay…  But why would he want us to go down to an unlit basement (four women!).  And why was there a plate of food and a bag if he lived up on the 3rd floor ALONE??  There were other clues, but you just had to be there.  Check out my Photos Around Town(s) for a pic of the place, and you’ll know what we were talking about!

Close Call #2…  Up next.

The BEST holidays

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