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Delirio- Salsa + Circo + Orquesta

Last Friday night I went to see Delirio. It’s a 5 hour performance of salsa and circus acts with a live orchestra. It’s probably the Cirque de Soleil of Colombia. I was invited my Marlen, my Spanish teacher, to accompany her and three other women. When I checked, the tickets were all reserved seating and I wouldn’t have been able to sit with them. I checked with Dominika, another student, about the tickets and she just happened to have one. Her friend wasn’t able to go. I had pretty good luck. It was fun and the dancing in the show was incredible. The theme was basically the migration of people from the Pacific coast to Cali years ago. There was a lot of dancing in traditional Pacific coast attire. There was also a section with a tribute to Michael Jackson. A lot of his music was played, and there was even salsa dancing to many of the songs. It was an enjoyable evening. The tickets were normally 120,000 pesos ($60), but with a promotion (special offer) we got them for 108,000 ($54).

The BEST holidays

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