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December 13, 2011 – La belle femme rouge

After a long day touring Edinburgh, Chris, Jon, Dani, and I hop back on a bus towards our hotel. We get back and go clean up for our dinner that was to be served in the hotel dining room. Shaved and refreshed from a hot shower, we’re ready to have a good night!

We all eat dinner and have a few drinks at the bar and then Kat tells us she found a great place to drink that had a live Scottish band playing that night! We were all excited to go but then one of the locals that worked at the hotel overheard us talking about the place and told us not to go there…that it sucked. Some of us wanted to listen to the local (myself included) as they would know more than us, right? Some wanted to still try it out. Kat was one of the latter and since she was so awesome and did so much for us, we decided to give it a go. Kat ordered like 4 taxis to take us all to the place (Kat, if you read this, can you please tell me what it was called? If any of you read this and know any of the places we visited that night, please speak up!!).

I hopped in a taxi with Mollie, Fiona, Georgia, Claire, Steph, and Dani (??? If I left you out or inserted you and you weren’t in my taxi, then I apologize) and the conversation soon turned against me. All the girls were asking about me being a teacher at Uni and if the girls liked me or if I had any students that fancied me…I decided not to answer these probing questions and stayed humble the whole drive. Talking about that sort of thing is unprofessional ;) . So, sorry girls! This teacher wants to stay employed!!

We got to the place Kat found for us and it smelled like wet dog and the band that was playing there that night looked like they had been playing there since World War II. Most of us turned right around, and walked across the street to a, gulp, Irish bar…in Scotland!! Ugh! We stayed there for a little while because Kat and a few peeps stayed in the other place so as not to look totally rude. They eventually made their way over to us and we then decided we had to get outta there. We were in an Irish bar in Scotland – nothing against the  Irish obviously but we had to go to a Scottish pub.

We left there for a small place nearby on Rose Street called The Abbotsford (thanks Ben!!). The funny thing about this place was firstly, the barkeep did not like the look of us tourists walking in and secondly, a weird trio in the back corner of the bar. There was this smoking hot woman seated with two creepy old dudes with toupees and it looked like one of the guys was her b/f or something!! We all kept looking over at the trio and were wondering if the woman was a call-girl…

It was at The Abbotsford that I really got to speak with Eleni for the first time since like the first morning! She’s another Aussie of Ethiopian descent and works in Human Resources!! Ugh, I remember telling her how much I HATE people in HR. Not her, of course…just people back home. Claire also came up to me and we chatted a bit for the first time since York! The night was moving along swimmingly!!

After some time at the weirdo old-man bar, we decided to leave and test our fortunes elsewhere. We left and started walking down George Street and all I can remember from this walk was that the wind from earlier in the day had not abated. It was just as bone-chilling and vicious as ever. Because we took taxis and we were out on the town, I only wore a t-shirt and a fleece. I was freezing. We finally head into a club-like place that Ben got us into called Why Not? (thanks again Ben) that you had to walk below street level to enter. When we got there, it was mostly empty but our group was huge so we supplied the party!!

The music was great and the atmosphere was ripe for anything! The bouncer must’ve heard there was a large contingent of Aussies in attendance so he played one of my all-time favorite songs: “Down Under” by Men at Work!! Oh man, we all went nuts! I tried videotaping the whole bit but it was so dark in the club that the quality is really shitty. What you can hear though is everyone singing along to the song and having a great time!!

At some point, Mollie comes up to me and puts a challenge my way: that I should kiss Claire even though I still had a cold sore on my lip! LOL. But anyway, I accepted her challenge and kissed Claire! The first kiss was just a small one where she kissed the cold sore-free side of my mouth. But after that initial one, I walked up, grabbed her by the back of her pretty red head and kissed. Simple as that. I think she liked it cuz we repeated the process a few more times before we left… ;)

People were getting pissed all over the place and two guys in particular really came out of their shells. Brad was a guy who hadn’t said much to us up til this point on the trip but man, he made an impression this night. The guy could dance! He was shufflin’ all over the joint and was getting everyone else in the dancing mood! The second to break free was Richard…now, I had heard that Richard did some crazy things in York at the Disco place but I wasn’t there so imagine my surprise when I see him break-dancing!! He was all over the place on the dance floor and put all of us in good spirits.

Kat was ordering bombs as usual so if you couldn’t tell thus far, we all got pretty smashed up again. We all left at different times I think but around closing – I took a cab home with Jon, Mollie, Claire, Eleni, and Brad. We went back to our room for a bit of after-hours but then called it a night…

A wonderful close to a great day and night.


The BEST holidays

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