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Day 2

I do not have as many exciting photos to share today, but for a good reason I hope. We were in the water! Today was surf day, perhaps not the only.
Woke up kind of late, but decided to start at the beach nearest our hostel (pretty much the same on in the earlier pictures). The sand there is, well, not sand. It’s just large round rocks, but the waves were beautiful. After way too much time spent haggling/getting hit on by Peruvian surf instructors, we finally got into the Pacific and surfed a bit, which is always great. It was nothing spectacular, but tomorrow we may try out the famous white sand beaches a few miles south.

From a waiter last night we had heard about this awesome water show. It was supposed to be more impressive than the bellagio and hold some form of record for great light and fountain beauty. We set out for this greatness, only to be disappointed with a closed park and malfunctioning pipes. A little bummed, we went to a fancy chocolate shop instead and spent a lot of time in central Miraflores, which really comes to life at night. We met some Peruvian friends and grabbed some tea with them, and headed back after a long, sun-filled day.

However the or picture I do have, I’ll post. With some explanation. The central park in Miraflores has lots of flower beds, and hidden in them are lots and lots of cats. They camouflage at first, but as soon as you see them, you see them all! These cats were friendly, but there were just so many! Some locals told us that they were to keep the mice population down. I’m sure that’s what’s happening. So obviously we were ridiculous, giddy tourists having a blast in the gardens.

Too tired for better articulation at the moment, but still very excited about Peru, and Lima- particularly Miraflores- is so wonderful. It’s beautiful, comfortable, and full of patient and friendly people.


Ah, I do have pictures from yesterday at the same beach we surfed at. Hm.



The BEST holidays

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