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Day 16/365…The New Year

This is the time of year where I like to reflect on the past year and see where I am now verses where I was.

In ’10 I had made six moves, lost my grandmother, had one financial curve ball after another, had an odd relationship with someone other than Fal that just didn’t turn out, an obsession with moving to Japan that I just couldn’t shake, along with a ton of other things that made ’10 a crazy year. It wasn’t a bad year per say but it wasn’t one I’d like to relive.

This year started out a bit crazy as well. With Nikki (one of my roomies) sharing a one bedroom apartment with Fal and me. I then had a bout of pneumonia in February and lead to a discovery of a blood clot in my right lung.

In April we moved into our current place with Meta. At first things were a bit rocky and none of us really knew how it all would turn out. There were thoughts of going our own ways again then of a few of us moving out of state and now it seems that we all are likely to move together no matter where we go.

This summer I spent a good chunk of my time taking care of Dennis and in September his suffering finally ended. This lead me to realize that there really is no reason for me to stay in this area anymore and solidified my plans to get out of this state (even if we can’t do it my the end of next year).

This year I also strongly started writing in hopes of actually publishing at least one book. This has also helped my focus my goals. I also have been doing a lot more art things. Hell, I even sole an art piece!

The last major thing I did this year is go is to CA to tie any lose ends that there was with Dennis. This was hard but in the end it turned out quite well. I god to meet quite a few good people and I had a lot of fun. Go, go good times.

In conclusion this year has been a year of learning and all in all has been an alright year.

As for my goals for the next year I want to…
Keep this daily post thing up.
Try to get at least a profile of all my major characters that I have in my head on “paper.”
Get this damn shoulder thing resolved or at least as resolver as it can be. (I’m sick of all this two steps forward and three steps back BS.)
Make a solid plan as to where we’re going to move. Even if we don’t get there by the end of next year.
Save up enough money to take a trip at least over the mountains to see the ocean.
Help Fal to be able to take a trip to CO to see her father.

I’m sure I have more but that’s my start for now.



The BEST holidays

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