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Day 14/365… In Cali Pt 2

Ugh I’ve been very awake for the last hour despite being quite tired. I don’t have to do anything until 07:00 but my brain doesn’t get that. I’m still in CA. I’ll be leaving after some breakfast and a almost hour drive to Oakland at 10:15.

I’ll miss it here. San Francisco and the surrounding area is my favorite area to visit after all. I love how green it is and it still nice even in the middle is of December! I so don’t belong in the dry climate of the Reno/Sparks area it just not for me at all. And yes, I got to see the ocean. I love the water! It’s still where I feel the most at home. I swear I’m part plant or something because I need so much sun and water… lol

This trip made me realize how much I really need to focus and make a plan to get out of NV. If I can’t get out within the next year or so I want to at least pop over the hill once or more to see the ocean again. It serves as a good way to help me keep my goals on getting out of Reno…

*Ring* What the!?!?! BRB….

That was Penny I better be going I have about 20 minutes before I have to go downstairs and meet with them for breakfast. When I get a chance to write more I want to tell you about my trip to an art museum, Penny’s birthday and dinner with Richard’s family.

Until then,


PS: I’m back in Reno and I’ll write more about the trip likely tomorrow but for now it’s time to play the sleep catch-up game. @_@

The BEST holidays

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