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Day 13/365… In Cali Pt 1

12-28-11 15:09
First off it’s likely that this won’t be posted until tomorrow but as I said I want to keep this thing up so I’ll post it when I get back on-line.

My day started at about 04:00 this morning when I woke up and packed for my day trip to go to CA to scatter Dennis’ ashes in the Pacific at Half Moon Bay. First I forgot to take to permit to take his ashes on the airplane but all was fine after a bit of explaining. Then after a very short time in the air I landed in Oakland and went to Half Moon Bay with Penny and Richard (Dennis’ sister and brother-in-law) and scattered his ashes in a very nice area where I know he’ll be happy.

Well that’s about it for now I’ll write more later if I can.


The BEST holidays

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