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Dancing Queen

Life is so busy! And I am due for some catching up on sleep. I know a lot of people look at Eurythmy with their eyebrows raised, but man, those brows would be sweating if they actually did Eurythmy! It’s so intense! This is what my day looks like:

Starting at 8am with Tone Eurythmy for an hour and half, then Speech Eurythmy for another hour and a half, Geometry, Lunch, Speech Class, and then depending on the day we either get out or we have class meeting, or Speech Eurythmy again without the teacher. On a good day I get out around 4, and on a bad day when I have German class after school I don’t get out until 7 at night. That’s almost a twelve hour day!

This school runs on a block system, so every three weeks the classes change. Geometry is especially hard for me because I don’t understand anything the teacher says, and math is a bit different here.

The Eurythmy we’re doing is still in the basics. We’ve really been focusing a lot of energy on the feet because from the feet flourish the movements. We’ve just begun using our arms a couple weeks ago, and just making vowel gestures: A E I O U. They sound like this: A= ah, E= ay, I= ee, O= oh, U= oo.

The Gesture for “A” is like astonishment. When one is amazed by the world wonders they let out a sigh of “Ah”. This can be in any direction, but it is created by the experience of wonder and awe, and by a feeling of having the content of the world flow into one’s heart.

The sound E is German, is much different than the English sound for E. I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but its made by making your mouth as horizontal as it can be and pronouncing the English sound “Ay”. The gesture for E is like you see above, where both arm connect to make a cross. It means to feel a distancing with things; boundaries.

The Gesture for “I”, or the sound “ee” is a long straight stretch, from the tips of one hand to the other. It’s the feeling of being drawn into polarities and awakening to oneself holding the balance between them. Individuality.

The gesture for “O’ is a large rounding of the arms, mirroring the rounding of the lips. One feels drawn out of oneself into relationship with something outside of oneself, as in love.

The sound for “U” is made the most far forward in the mouth. The gesture for “U” mimics the way it’s spoken, and ones arms becoming two parallel lines. Rooted.

This is just a little look into what I’m working with. We’ve started moving to a poem, and using these movements in different ways to flow with the way the poem flows.

I also just took these photos a few minutes ago in the computer room, so they aren’t the best, but you can get the idea!

I’ve only had Tone Eurythmy for a couple of weeks now, so it’s even more basic stuff. As o now we’re just learning to move fluidly with music in every possible way. Up, down, left, right…I find myself “gracefully” sprinting from one end of the room, while gradually lowering my body to the ground. I’m actually soar! I am the instrument, and my song flows out from my center, and beyond my fingertips.

It’s a lot of work, and I’m still getting used to it. This last week was really hard, and everyday I would just be in tatters by the end of the days. Sometimes I accidentally wake up only ten minutes before having to be at school. Thank goodness I only live 5 minutes away! I really need to focus on keeping myself in good health, and just take care.

Right at the perfect time we have a week long break! Next week I’ll be “relaxing” in Edinburgh, Scotland! I can’t wait! Hopefully there will be internet, and time to blog, so you can all come along as well.

Fact of the Day: The Eurythmeum Stuttgart was the first Eurythmy school in the world. This year is Eurythmy’s 100 year anniversary.

The BEST holidays

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