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crisis of the week

I am supposed to be de-stressing, which I somehow envisioned as sitting in front of the telly with a nice cup of tea knitting.


I have been off a month and have been to more doctor’s and physical therapy appointments than I can count.  I have seen the physical therapy guys, the podiatrist, the oncologist, and endocrinologist, and the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.  I am best friends with everyone at CVS, both at the actual pharmacy and the people on the phone who can override things.

Last week my wallet was stolen and I hied my little self off on Friday to order a new driver’s license.  I have pictures of my children, my piece of paper from DMV, a credit card, and my ATM card.  I also have $5 because the pharmacy filled my prescription for Prozac which I don’t take anymore — it’s Zoloft now, which means I can buy a soda.

THIS week I set out to get my passport.  I showed up with my paperwork all done, hideous portraits in hand, old passport and money.  You need a driver’s license as proof of identity.  The people at the Post Office suggested I call DMV to “hurry them along.”

The concept of telling the DMV to hurry or, even more amazing, having them listen, must, I admit never occurred to me.

Bob suggested my school ID as it has my face and name on it.  No, they didn’t like that.  It didn’t have a number or an expiration date (a requirement not mentioned in any of the paperwork, by the way).  The Madera passport “expert” told me she could get everything figured out if I got there by 1:00.  I got there at 11:30.  She had gone home.

I was growing more and more agitated and finally headed to the Main Post Office in Fresno which used to be the ONLY place for miles where you could get a passport.  They even have their own little passport room where that’s all they do.  I signed in and practiced my deep breathing.  I turned everything over to the passport guy and, of course, the driver’s license thing came up.  He asked if I had applied for a new one.  Yep.  Last Friday.  He asked to see it, so I handed over my paper from DMV (which looks very official) and he took my school ID and photocopied it with the DMV form and had me sign it.  So, technically, I had a “driver’s license” with a photo.

He says the State Department will let me know within two weeks if they don’t like our solution., but he also thinks it will be OK.  This is what the man does for a living so I am rooting for his team.

I must admit this is getting a bit wearing.  I need to heal.  I actually do not have to leave the house for five days and unless someone has a gun, it isn’t going to happen.  I have to refind my balance after the past two weeks.

I did get a bit more work done on the counted cross-stitch while flying to and from Seattle.

It doesn’t show up in a fireworks sort of way, but it’s the curve of brown along the bottom of the wizard’s gown.

I also finished Nivernais.  And wore it.  To have my passport picture taken.

I am reading How to Heal Toxic Thoughts and as New-Agey as I am, it’s a little too New-Agey for me.  She makes some very good points, especially as I grew up in a highly critical household and I am trying to put some of her suggestions into practice.  However, her suggestion that I put post-it notes all over my car with empowering words, WILL get me institutionalized.

The BEST holidays

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