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I must confess that lately I feel very lazy to update my blog.

This is the first time in my life that I have a full time job. It is a new step in my life and it seems everything changes.

I never imagine some day I would be so lazy to write my beloved blog or that I was not even going to turn on my personal computer. The fact is that very seldom I turn on my computer after work, after all I spend 8 hours working in a computer, no need more of it at home.

Also. I have realized I have lost weight which I think is good, but I am not very sure if it is the result of exercise or what. So, I realized about that with my jeans that now are big for me… And also by wearing my formal clothea that I didnt use for long time and that barely fit me in the past and that now fit me well…. :D . I dont know, I don’t want to lose my sex appeal. :P

But I dont feel like buying more clothes until the end of the year haha well i will try. Am I becoming cheap? Maybe, the fact is that I need to save some money cos I want to go on winter vacation. I am just a little worried they might need me and I would be in other country, haha.

But as I am in charge with deals with China, I dont think it matters if I am at home or in bloody Fiji Islands on vacation, since I can fix all by email.

I try to have time to exercise, since a friend warned me that he got super fat after getting his first job and for that stress… Nope, I can’t get fat. ;)

At work, I think all is ok. Tomorrow I will try to send a batch replecement to China. I prepared the papers on Friday. Hope, all will be ok. ;)

I must also take excel classes since I am very dumb using that and can not even do a stupid vlookup. I spent hours and nothing, but as there was no much to do, i could spend hours trying to do it and I laughed at all.

And my colleague??? He is even dumber than me!! Hahahahaa! Which is good ;)

Sometimes there is no work to do and I get bored. But my Chinese boss must not know I am doing nothing, haha! Andy said I must always act as if I were busy with something… I try.

Good news, I get paid again on Friday (my birthday). Bad news, I will finally see how much money I must pay for taxes :(

The BEST holidays

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