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Coastal Week

After a challenging semester, it was quite the treat to spend a week long vacation along the coast of Kenya before we all departed for home. As you saw in my last blog post, we stayed at the Mdoroni property in Kilifi from Sunday to Thursday. During our stay in Kilifi, we snorkeled, visited community groups and a school, and explored Kilifi town. We also enjoyed some delicious home-cooked meals at Mdoroni. Our group of 16 split into small groups of 2-3 people and each group was responsible for preparing a meal for the entire group. My group made dinner one night, so we had a Mexican themed night with fish/refried bean tacos. While I have never been much of a cook, I am proud to say that I made 30 tortillas from scratch and that we prepared a delicious dinner (which is not easy since there aren’t many ingredients available in Kenya for Mexican food!).

Thursday morning, we left Kilifi and headed to Mombasa for an overnight stay. In the morning, we toured Ft. Jesus and Old Town. We had the afternoon off, so some of us went to the market area in Mombasa and cooled off in our hotel’s pool afterwards (December is one of Mombasa’s hottest months). In the evening, we had a lovely dinner on the Tamarind Dhow. Not only did we have a great view of Mombasa, but it was also the perfect way to finish off the semester since it was our last night as an entire group.

We departed Mombasa on Friday in the early afternoon and thankfully did not run into any problems or delays (unlike our horrific train experience from Kisumu). We returned to Nairobi late Friday afternoon and said goodbye to 4 students that night. Since I left Nairobi on Saturday evening, I fortunately had some time to run last minute errands in Nairobi and say goodbye to some of my Kenyan friends.

While we all really enjoyed coastal week, it was sad that our time in Kenya had come to an end. Although this semester was challenging at times, it has been the most rewarding experiences. Not only have I learned a lot, but I have met some great people that I plan to continue to keep in touch with.

This is where we ate many delicious, homecooked meals in Kilifi. Depending on which side of the table you sat at, you were either facing the Indian ocean or the pool.

On Monday, we snorkeled with a community group in the morning and visited the Future Hope Montessori School in the afternoon.

The Future Hope Montessori School is a local private school funded by British donors that teaches elementary-school orphans with HIV/AIDs.

Tuesday morning, we visited the Local Ocean Trust in Watamu, which helps rehabilitate turtles.

In the afternoon, we went on a tour of the Gede Ruins.

On Thursday, we visited Fort Jesus and Old Town in Mombasa.

View of the Indian Ocean from Fort Jesus

View of a street in Old Town

We finished off Thursday with a dinner on the Tamarind Dhow.

For my main dish, I had a delicious grilled lobster that was cooked on the boat!

The BEST holidays

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