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closing time

yes, i know.

i eat too much and these aren’t helping. they are sooooo addictive.

watching ghost adventures. i just love to watch that show.

where’d his teeth go?
this dog used to have teeth.
funny hillbilly teeth.

i washed and brushed my hair.
kind of a miracle.

and my back is crippled so don’t talk crap.

aw the poor puppy over there in her kennel.
actually, supposedly young teacup puppies need the structure a kennel can provide. plus she’s been having some tum tum issues from eating sticks in the backyard.

did i tell you i had a traumatic morning?
i mean, it wasn’t life-threatening to me or anyone but
it was horrifying to my super-ego.
it was just sort of like the last straw.
but not really.
it just felt like it.

um weird.

why am i not in bed?

The BEST holidays

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