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Christmas Spirit. :]

So my family and friends already knew this about me, but blog world you didn’t and I’m about to un-cage the elephant. I hate most things about Christmas. It would be a whole different blog that I’m sure I will get into eventually but for know just know Christmas and I can only be cool for about 15 days of the year and if you wear it out too soon look the hell out! So on to my 4 Christmas’s – this was supposed to be an epic video starring everyone, yadda yadda but of course the holidays got me in my slump and by Christmas 2 I had forgotten all about filming, so I decided I’d work with what I have and blog the rest, I’m a creative girl – and hell Christmas doesn’t deserve that much film, seriously!

Christmas 1: 12/22/11
Brent‘s Dad –

You all get to see him open his presents and eat our turkey at apparently 9 PM lol – We also listened to music, watched a movie, and had LOTS of drinks! We ended up baking cookies until almost 12 AM It was all around a good Christmas! PS. He was safe and spent the night until morning!

Christmas 2: 12/24/11
Brent‘s Mom & Sister –

Another Great Christmas, I get out of working an epic 5 hour shift at 2x the pay rate in the early afternoon – pick up these lovely ladies and go on about an hour adventure up South Atherton St. in State College, PA. I had to go to the bank so we went there first, only to have epic issues with the ATM machine and listen to it beep at me for like 3 minutes until I figured everything out. Then we went to Taco Bell for our Christmas Eve dinner – to go so Brent could eat too ;] epic right? LOL. Then we hit Weis Market (A local grocery store) for milk so they could so make mashed potatoes for Christmas Dinner. That took FOREVER, because everyone forgot something – or was just starting their shopping. UGH and I forgot to mention I was on E so while Janice ran in for a “quick” quart of milk we were just waiting for like 20 minutes – finally found a close parking spot 15 minutes in and decided to shut off the car after the gas light came on, I didn’t think I’d ever make it home, we are then on our way to the gas station I pass one because its epically crowded – not mentioning my crazy girl road rage lol. I finally pump my gas and make it home! Brent and the 6 cats greet us we eat out dinner then exchange gifts while watching the Jim Carey version of The Grinch. Brent then went into his office and disappeared, I chilled with Janice and Brittany a bit. We took Janice home to get some wrapping done and took Brittany to Wegmans and to the HUGE tree in downtown State College where part of this video was made. Then we returned her safe and sound and everyone went back to life as they knew it.

Christmas 3: 12/25/11
Brandi’s Mom & Sister –
The arrived around 9:30 AM and we immediately began opening gifts. After present time, went to work making a HUGE breakfast! We made French toast, eggs, bacon, sausage and had lots of different juices milk and eggnog to drink as well as the cranberry English muffins we had found to go with our breakfast! This all took forever; you never know how long a huge breakfast takes until you cook it. I also managed to burn my back/hip/ass region on a hot skillet reaching for something for Brent, and the burn – still there. Then we feasted – we were supposed to make Christmas cookies, peanut blossoms but Christi fell asleep, was mega grumpy (she had worked all night the night before not slept all morning except during breakfast making and had a lunch/dinner to go to later in the day at my aunts before another overnight shift – she was allowed to be grumpy it just brought my holiday down a little, yep I got into the holiday for a minute SHOCKER!!) So they left then Brent and I were left to play with our toys and blog.

Christmas 4: 12/25/11
Work Raven & Dan –
So most people wouldn’t consider this a “Christmas” but they are like a second family to me and I celebrated with Raven, we exchanged gifts. And well Dan haha he gave me a gift by being there and giving me the chance to work, he also took a HUGE shit and made me have a shitty Christmas literally. All in all my day was epic Dan and I finished the day watching Christmas movies and playing with some of his toys – after a fresh shower! Then I made him a pork chop dinner and it was bed time.

My 4 Christmas’s, maybe next year I’ll have 5?

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The BEST holidays

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