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Christmas away from home

Christmas for me is usually celebrated with my family. Noche buena on christmas eve is a must, and sometimes I cook my sister’s favorite lasagna. On christmas day we have our annual family reunion with my relatives on my mother’s side. Growing up, this has been a tradition. So it was kinda new for me that last christmas 2011, I wasnt home to celebrate with my family and relatives.
Being abroad, aka an ofw, is really very hard. I always thought working abroad is good for the finances. Yes its nice but when it comes down to it, nothing beats spending time with your family. It’s kinda like the song says, “you won’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”.
Anyway, last christmas, I get to spend with friends. Close friends that helped me a lot during my “depression” so to speak. Christmas eve we made noche buena at home, and invited other friends to eat and celebrate with us. On christmas day, my friends and I went to Malacca, in Malaysia. So very early in the morning we were already on our way to MY. Malacca is the historical site of Malaysia, rich with heritage buildings, ancient landmarks and colonial structures. If you’re into that stuff you’ll enjoy this place. And the food is goood! And cheap also, compared to food in SG. After 4 hours of traveling by bus, we arrived at Melaka Sentral and took a taxi to Makhota Parade, which is a mall near our hotel. After eating lunch, we checked in at our hotel to rest for a bit before going out. We went to the old churches, the most famous one is Christ Church in Melaka. There was a lot of walking, talking, sight-seeing and camwhoring ;) .


We were also able to ride the Melaka cruise wherein we got a tour of the city through its river. Afterwards we went to Jonker Walk, a street famous for having night market on weekends. You can find a lot of things in this street. We ate dinner at Restoran Anak Nyonya (little nyonya). I’m not sure what their specialty is but the food we ordered is nice and so spicy. And most of all, it’s cheap. Hehehe.. After dinner we did some shopping. The street was so crowded with tourits it was so hard to just walk from one point to another.
The next day we decided to check out and leave our things in the hotel so we could still explore the city before we went back home. We had a chance to eat at a restaurant famous for its chicken rice balls and hainanese chicken, so goood. The que for 1 hour was definitely worth it. Then we went to melaka tower, and while queuing we were able to have a short massage for 10rmb 15 minutes. I chose the foot massage. Then we went back to the hotel to get our things, stayed at starbucks to kill time, then went back to the bus terminal. On a side note, the taxi we got going to the terminal was so rude. He asked 30rmb which was cheaper, but his taxi has no aircon, and he dropped us off in the highway! So rude. Anyways, all in all we had a very great time. :)


The BEST holidays

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