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Choosing a Hotel – Things to know

Choosing the right hotel for an exciting and memorable vacation can make or break the entire experience. The “perfect” hotel can vary depending on where you are vacationing and the activities that you will be doing, but there are some key things to consider when making a reservation for a business or leisure trip that can make your stay easier and more enjoyable.

As is true when shopping for real-estate, the old adage “location, location, location” is essential in picking a hotel that is right for your trip. For those traveling with business concerns in mind, it is advisable to choose a hotel that is close to your meeting locations as well as area airports and car rental services. Families should consider hotels that are close to the attractions that they wish to see in addition to being near places that can provide entertainment during down time. This includes pools, theaters, or shopping centers.

Hotel amenities should be of the highest concern. The conscientious business person should choose destinations that have good wifi access. This service can help avoid constant trips to coffee shops or other businesses merely to send and receive e-mails or conduct video conferences. Hotels that offer conference rooms or private work spaces are another positive feature. Families should look for in-house entertainment such as pools and gyms. Readily available food or breakfast services can also save money and time by eliminating the need to eat out or make unnecessary trips for snacks.

Word of mouth is still the best advertisement. It is wise to take the time to read customer reviews of the hotel that you are considering. Look for positive reviews of the overall services and specific amenities, such as laundry services, that are of your highest concern. It is also smart to disregard feedback that is too obviously catered towards praise of the hotel or the line of hotels. You want to read reviews that are genuine and honest.

At the top of the list is always value for the money. This concern is true for both the vacationing family and the business person on the move. Compare rates of hotels in the area you choose and weigh those rates against the amenities and the star rating of the hotel. It can also be beneficial to book your hotel through internet companies that have special deals with hotels to offer discounted rates on rooms that are empty during certain times of the year.

Often overlooked, but of vital importance, is the parking situation at the hotel. This is especially true for larger cities where parking can be expensive and extremely limited. Hotels in these areas generally offer car rentals and car services. It is important to weigh these kinds of cost factors with the amount of travel you will be doing and how the rates compare with alternate forms of transportation such as subways and buses.

A great hotel should not leave you wanting in any of these areas. Less stress associated with these basic concerns for traveling will let you have an experience that is more relaxing and enjoyable. Checking into these items before making your reservations is not only likely to increase your enjoyment, it will almost certainly save you money.

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