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Cebu City – Ato Ato Barbeque and Restaurant

Ato-Ato Lahug branch is one of the restaurants in Cebu my hubby was bragging about! lol If Jack’s Restaurant is one of Baguio City’s local favourite pig-out, Cebu City’s bet would be the Ato-Ato Barbeque and Restaurant aside from the well-known Lechon Cebu

I first noticed that the parking lot covers half of the lot, and is always almost full. A lot of foreigners are coming in, and take note, they are willing to wait! J Which made me curious, “Why?” The place is simple. The parking lot is not even fully furnished. The wooden structure is mostly made of bamboo. The ads on the walls are simple coloured posters. There’s nothing special with the dining area just plain plastic tables and chairs. Few decors are displayed…

Not, until I saw the menu. They offer seafood and meat grills, soft seashell soups, fresh fruits and drinks from sodas, juices to cocktail. And that didn’t stop at that. The serving is big for a price that is incredibly cheap!

Panaw Soup

I really enjoyed munching the giant squid for Php12 per stick! The other barbeques ranges from Php15 to Php35, less than a dollar… Amazingly cheap!

When you dine in, don’t forget to order a seashell soup and the “Fruit Twister”, at less than $4 or Php150 you could enjoy a pitcher of fresh fruit juice with real fruit chunks. It’s perfect to pair up with the juicy greasy salty barbeques to balance the flavour.

“fruit twister” is in every table


Ato-Ato BBq & Restaurant is perfect for good quality dine-in at a budget! I would give four stars out of five to this authentic seafood haven.

Whenever, I’m hungry of seafood I always wish I could fly to Cebu to eat at Ato-Ato! :P

The BEST holidays

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