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Capital Hilton

We made a booking at the Capital Hilton for a couple of days of R&R.  It’s in a great location (16th and K, NW) and the staff is extremely nice, but I will try another hotel before I return here.  It should be said they were renovating, but the ice and soda machines on our floor were broken and we couldn’t order a movie because something was wrong with our television (they did offer to move us at 1 AM if the movie was THAT important).  A funny story came out of all the problems though.  I was sitting on the bed watching TV when the girlfriend yelled from the bathroom, “Did you pee your pants?”  Tara came out holding a pair of my boxers with a hangar, and they were completely soaked.  Though a smell test would have proven my case, I wanted more evidence and went into the bathroom to search for the problem.  My boxers had actually acted as a sponge for the leaky sink pipes.  It made us laugh and I smile about it now, but our stay did not provide R&R.  2 G&Ts out of 5. –Towers

The BEST holidays

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