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Cabañas Mar Caribe

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The cabañas that stretch more than a mile down Tulum’s beach front vary in price and quality. Mostly, they will cost upwards of $15usd per person, and that’s so long as you have at least two people sleeping in them. But if you’re lucky, you can get in at Mar Caribe for $10usd a person — in one of the two more rustic cabañas they have here.

Mostly the cabañas are set up on stilits, have two beds with mosquito nets. However, there are two that have survived the hurricanes of the past and still stand. They are closest to the beach, get plenty of breeze, but not quite as much luxury. One bed, sand floors, and holes in the thatch roofs. But hey, you’re sleeping on one of the most incredible beaches, with a view straight out to the sea and an unbelievable amount of stars above your head.

And remember that it costs almost $3usd (40pesos) to get to town, so going to the grocery and buying some groceries for your time staying at the beach is highly recommended. The restaurants on the beach have high prices, and typically aren’t worth the splurge.

If it’s a cabaña you want and you’re on the tramping budget — Mar Caribe is the place to go.

Note: There are a few showers and toilets located near the restaurant for guest use. Not the cleanest, but they suffice if you’re not too highfalutin about these things.

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