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Busy Week

It was a very busy week here in Tokyo.  Work is ramping up so the hours are long right now.  Add to that some sightseeing thrown in around town with some of the wives of my co-workers and the week goes by in a blur.

Last Tuesday, we all went up to a Buddist shrine in Asakusa, just north of downtown Tokyo.  Been here several times on past visits, but they were having a Golden Dragon dance that I had never seen before, so I joined the crew for the trip.  It was a great day, got in some good photography, had some great street vendor foo for lunch, bought a few Christmas gifts, and got to see a golden dragon.  All in all, it was a pretty nice day.

Wednesday, several of us got up at the crack of dawn and went and stood in line at 4am for a chance to see the popular Tsukiji Fish Market Tuna Auctions.  I had also been here in the past, but did not get to the see the auctions.  The auction process was interesting; watching the buyers inspect the tuna then the bidding suddenly occurs.  Hard to tell exactly whats going on since everything happens very quickly and its all in Japanese (and there is no tour guide), but it was definitely worth the early wake up call to see.  What was even better was the fresh sushi breakfast we had afterwards in one of the restaurant stalls in the market.  Maybe not the BEST sushi I ever had, but with the atmosphere of the surrounding bustling fish market, it was very enjoyable.

On Thursday we headed off for our Japanese Kabuki Theater experience.  I am not sure how to even describe this event.  Very traditional japanese theater with all male actors, even in the female roles.  Story lines were very weak at points and the acting was often over dramatic and over acted.  In the first act, the main character took so long to die, several of us were actually mumbling to each other to “just die already”.  I don’t think I ever saw a longer death scene. The acts were very long with the whole performance (3 acts) lasting approximately 5 hours.  They sell box lunches and you eat them at your seat during the intermissions. This was an expensive adventure, one that I probably won’t do again.

Today was the first day of my weekend (I have Sun, Mon & Tues off), so I took it easy today. Gotta recover for this upcoming weeks adventures.  Tomorrow, I am headed out on my first non-business related trip outside of Tokyo.  I am headed to Nikko.  Its a small town about 2 hours north of Tokyo that is full of colorful shrines and some waterfalls.  The fall color is supposedly out right now here, so I am hoping to get in some nice photography of the Japanese countryside and get to see a bit of life outside of the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.  I’m a little leery of the trains to get there so wish me luck.

I’ll apologize now for being woefully behind on my photographs.  Working 12 hours a day, sleeping 7, and trying to fit in some sightseeing while here in Japan just doesn’t leave enough hours in the day to get a lot of post processing accomplished.  So, one day, I will post some photos of this past weeks adventures for you all to see.

The BEST holidays

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