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Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? Places to see, things to do, and goals to achieve throughout your life? This has been my top 10 list for years. After recently going through fairly traumatic health issues I am even more determined to check these adventures off and then add more.

Iceland (Northern lights) – This is currently number one on my wish list. I know there’s no guarantee that I’ll see the northern lights there, but I can chase waterfalls to my heart’s content. I’ve already made a list of things (besides waterfalls) I want to see there like the Icelandic horses, Diamond Beach, and Rainbow Road.

Hot Air Balloon – This is near the top of my list. Partially because it’s potentially the easiest (even though I haven’t done it yet), and partially because it’s one that I’ve wanted to do the longest. My late husband looked into it as a gift for me but living in the PNW it takes a bit of planning due to weather. I’ve decided that I just need to make it happen myself!

Lake Tahoe – I had booked a trip last year and had to cancel because I had started a new job the month before I was supposed to go. It included a stop at Crater Lake too, since I’ve never been there either. It ended up being a good thing that I cancelled because I ended up getting really sick right before I had scheduled to go, with what would later be diagnosed as Crohn’s Disease.

All 50 states by my 50th birthday – I made a New Year Resolution years ago to visit a new US city every year. Then Covid happened. So I’ve fallen a bit behind. It’s only been in the past decade that I really started traveling, so I’m only at 22 states and I’ll be 44 soon. But I still have time! Hanging in my living room I have a world map that you can scratch off where you’ve been which adds to the motivation.

Christmas season in NYC – I was finally able to go to New York City a few years ago and absolutely loved it! I don’t think I could live there, but I did feel right at home walking all over the city. I’m glad I had friends to help me navigate the subway system though! Since I love Christmas so much it would be amazing to see it all decorated for the season.

Utah Mighty Five – Every year I try to find a time to go to Utah and hike the national parks, but there’s just never enough time with everything else going on. It’s not a trip you can do properly in a weekend.

Marry my best friend – This one is definitely the hardest to achieve considering I’m not even dating anyone, but I know he’s out there!  

Renovate a house – I am an HGTV junkie! Erin, Mina, Jasmine, Christina, all the girls and guys are huge inspirations to me. I’ve renovated my bathroom in my current home, and did nearly all the work myself, but I’d love to buy a home with the sole purpose of renovating it. Despite all the blood, sweat, and tears, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, from design to execution and all the problem solving in between.

Sloths in Belize or Costa Rica – Have you seen the video of Kristen Bell when Dax brought in a sloth for her birthday and she was so happy she cried? Yeah, that’ll be me when I see one in the wild. They are so incredibly cute!

African Safari – I would love to see all the beautiful animals in the wild, especially elephants. I’ve loved them since I was a child. They are so majestic with their big, beautiful ears and the way they protect each other. I don’t have a particular country in mind, just a safari.

What are some of your bucket list items?

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