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Brussels! Day 3.

21.Oct.11 Brussels

Day 3 was a speedy one, though with plenty of time for a late breakfast.

21.Oct.11 Brussels

Guess what was for breakfast?

21.Oct.11 Brussels, Grand Place

For the 3rd consecutive time, we brought ourselves to Grand Place. It was nice to experience this square at different times of the day.

21.Oct.11 Brussels, Grand Place

This morning was a Friday morning, with a few market stands, and many groups of students on a school trip.

21.Oct.11 Brussels

And am I happy to report that this time, we found our way using the tram service.
Needless to say, taking the tram was certainly the most cost-effective and time-saving way of getting around (as opposed to walking, or taking the cab).

With our second, most satisfying Luikse waffles, we ended our short trip to Belgium.
Until next time.

The BEST holidays

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