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Boracay: The “Serene” Microtel

If you’re dreaming of a more quiet place to stay in Boracay, there are handful of hotels that cater to your very need at different stake and level of service. Frequency of my access to Boracay molded me to be a wise globe trotter ~ that is to select a haven which doesn’t compromise my provisions: (1.) Value for money (2.) World class service (3.) Good Facilities. I have selected one hotel that seems appropriate to my very need that time »»» mending a broken heart in MICROTEL Boracay.

MICROTEL Boracay is a beachfront hotel and a triple A resort located at Diniwid beach, Boracay Island, a surreal retreat away from the congested white beach. Spreading the roof of the international hotel chain Microtel Inn and suites brand, you can be assured of a world class chiropractic-approved beds, air-conditioned hotel rooms (smoking/non-smoking), window seats, and other hotel room amenities. I really liked their beds, it is soft and firm with a fragrant/super clean comforters. It’s one of the reason why I overslept everytime :) Additionally, this hotel boasts an irregular yet amazingly shaped swimming pool just a few steps from the beachfront. An international restaurant at the poolside serves guests with a wide array of cuisines (I give it a 3 out of 5 stars though). A well appointed lounge at the groundfloor could be more of relaxing ambiance that we actually read newspapers and chat with the latest gossips of tinseltown. A meeting room is also available for use. Major credit cards are accepted here (be sure you have enough credits to swipe *LOL).

It is a bi-level hotel which is served by an all-day secured wireless internet connection at the lobby and even on rooms, just don’t forget to ask the concierge about the password. It actually hastens my blackberry internet service connection ;) What makes it a non-discriminating hotel is that, it has a handicapped accessible room. A 24-hr vending machine is also a plus in this accomodation with a free unlimited coffee and internet kiosk on the lobby that allows a free internet surfing (just be sensitive enough if there’s people around and they also want to access the grid). Safety deposit boxes are located at the front desk so with services like photocopy, fax and mail. One of the great features of their service is the complimentary shuttle from the hotel to D’mall with an strict frequency of every 40 minutes from 8am to 12midnight. If you plan to go elsewhere in Boracay within the coverage of Microtel-D’mall route, don’t hesitate to reserve a seat by calling the front desk.

Station 1 on the white beach is just a 15-minute walk from Microtel’s beachfront via the diniwid beach and a foot path that walk through the side of a rocky area. Diniwid beach has a more grainy sand though few hotels are hooked to it, you can really feel what if feels to have a quiet sun tanning and swimming with an uncrowded beach. Though small compared to white beach, it provides an invigorating beach bumming experience. I did the walking towards station 1 with some friends at 12noon but believe me, I don’t want to walk again that route when the sun is up ~ so scorchingly hot! :( Though burnt by the UV rays, the scenery of paradise island is just to captivating than minding your sunburn ~ really!

The most precious service of MICROTEL Boracay is their warm hearted group of staff. They are so polite in every way and are readily available whenever assistance is needed. I remember one time, we’re partying at a pub when the rain ridiculously poured to its might, the front desk called me with a genuine concern asking if we’re okay and the shuttle is ready to fetch us anytime now. Can you just imagine how I felt when they did that? I felt a real home away from home. The one of a kind gesture done next to my family. And I said to myself, “I would never regret choosing this hotel everytime I come to Boracay”.

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