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Boquete Day One

We arrived later than expected to our hotel last night (partly due to dinner and margaritas on the way) and were surprised that we were the only guest in the entire hotel. Lots of hotels are slow in October since it is the green season, aka rainy season. We very much enjoyed listening to the rain all night and the river at the edge of the property. It was clear by morning and we walked up for breakfast at the hotel and watched a display of beautiful birds in the amazing grounds of our hotel, Boquete Garden Inn.

We had booked a tour for 8:30 a.m. on day one. We had a 4 hour intensive about the area, it’s people, local etiquette, local politics, local lore, and much more. We visited and learned about all the micro climates in and around Boquete. We visited the coffee plantation area, the farming region, the jungle, the wet side, the windy side, the drier side. We drove by many dwellings of the local indigenous people mixed in with modern homes, gated communities, and some abandoned or unfinished homes. Four wheel drive was definitely required.







Afterwards it was back to town to have lunch at Big Daddy’s where we ran into our new friend that we met in the David airport. Met his wife too and they gave us even more helpful tips. Small town. We checked out the local grocery stores and food stalls, found an organic store, named Organica, that imports everything from California. Many of the products I buy at home at basically the same prices as home. Even had gluten free items and fragrance free items. We then went into a fantastic department store, named Novedades La Reyna, and bought flip flops and water shoes for Bocas del Toro. Cheap.



Boquete grows what is currently considered the best coffee in the world, as such the most expensive coffee in the world at $170lb for raw beans. It’s grown right up the street from our hotel. I must admit coffee here is the best I’ve ever had. Smooth, chocolatey with a nice buzz, really nothing like home.

The BEST holidays

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