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Booking A Flight And Seniors Education

Travelling long distances in South Africa boils down to a choice between road and air. A luxury train does run and there are also metropolitan trains, but the vast majority find the first too expensive and the second only suitable for short distances. Flight is the remaining choice.

The advantage of travelling by car is that one can get precisely to one’s destination. However, it is easier to get there by hiring a car and driving from the airport than it is to drive the entire distance. It can take twelve hours to travel the entire distance from Durban to Port Elizabeth, whereas a combination of flight and car hire can consume only two hours.

Another disadvantage of the road trip option is that it is highly dangerous. Passenger cars speed past each other at death defying speeds until they come to a lumbering pantechnicon, when they pile up into a restless convoy. Traffic cops are rarely seen until they step from a ditch to hand out a hefty fine for a petty offence. In view of all the frustration associated with road travel it is additionally significant that air travel is much safer anyway, according to statistics.

From midway through the twentieth century flying became a preferred mode of travel. For what seemed like a very long time airlines issued little booklets of tickets filled with small print. Mysteriously, the word ‘void’ was printed across them. Pages were torn off at various stages of the boarding process, but a traveller was left at the end of his trip with a wad of paper that seemed to remain important because the word ‘void’ remained as a vague threat.

As more and more people acquired lap top computers and access to the Internet booking sites began to make their appearance. Still it was necessary for people who only learned about keyboards late in life to master the intricacies of doing their own booking and obtaining a logically simple ticket to board.

Online booking sites have simplified and streamlined the ‘voiding’ process. It is now possible to compare what different airlines offer, book, pay and have a ticket delivered by email, all within minutes. The improvement is dramatic but adults who were born before the computer revolution need re-education before they can take advantage of the improved system.

IT innovations took place in the course of a giant leap forward towards the end of the twentieth century. Seminal discoveries as significant as the printing press began to rapidly transform the world. Many people who had already made their mark upon the world had to cope with technology that their children understood better than they.

A process of informal adult education has to accompany technological inventions that keep coming. People born before the nineteen eighties have to cope with skills that did not exist when they were at school, yet those skills are essential for coping basic activities like booking a flight. Emotional and intellectual changes are essential. Because children naturally play with toys they are better than adults at discovering how gadgets work. Humiliated and unsure many adults find themselves in the position of illiterates. They also have to acquire intellectual understanding of processes that require close attention to detail and ineluctable logic. A tick in the wrong box can have bad consequences. Despite these challenges the advantages of new technology are so compelling that they cannot be overlooked.


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