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Blogging Bellingham: Another reason to love Bellingham

getting crafty on Halloween

I started off the weekend heading off to Mount Vernon to see Ruth Moody of The Wailin’ Jennys in concert.  As a new friend dropped me off at my apartment late last night, I noticed that the college students were in their party-mode.  Three police cars pulled up to one party on Garden Street, arresting underage drinkers most likely.

Bellingham Farmer's Market

A party was underway at the apartment building next door to mine, but that didn’t stop me from getting a good night’s rest.  Ruth Moody’s songs lingered in my relaxed brain so this helped matters.

Bellingham Farmer's Market, fall 2011

Today I headed to the farmers market with my camera in hand.  A good thing too since both children, crafts people and even farmers were dressed in Halloween costumes.

West African musicians

While I snapped photos of my favorite vegetables, I heard West African music coming from the corner of the market so I headed that way.  West African musicians played balafons (Mali) and djembe.  The children in costumes seemed entranced by the music, as did a restful dog.

the lady on the left is a "rabid squirrel" (her words)

While the market was on the empty side, the people who showed up seemed cheerful and relaxed. WIth 50 degree sunny weather during this Halloween weekend, why wouldn’t they be? Still, I would have liked to have seen Bellinghamsters showing up in droves and buying from local vendors.  As it was, I sampled the goodies, spoke with a few farmers and crafts people and thanked the universe for the calm autumn weather.  Especially after the storm that passed through yesterday morning.

Will the real John Travolta stand up?

And judging from the local produce that is available this fall harvest, I think Bellingham has another good year ahead of it.  And with all the joy I felt at the market, I’m wondering if I need to buy a I love (in the shape of a heart) Bellingham T-shirt.  Yeah, I know, that’s the tourist thing to do, but I still feel a little like I’m just traveling through, even if I call this quirky place home.

The BEST holidays

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