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Behind Door Number 3…

The new airline rules about luggage are getting out of hand. And out of pocket. Literally. They’re robbing us blind when it comes to luggage and carry on fees.

One option is to carry on, but if you plan on wanting more than a couple of days worth of clothes and essentials, you’re going to need something bigger than will fit under the seat in front of you, or in the overhead bin. Checking luggage can be a crap shoot. I’ve had luggage get transferred to different flights, cities, and even just plain LOST!

Not to mention, that if you are going to check that bag on any flight other than probably, Southwest Airlines, you’re going to need a credit card to pay for it. I think Southwest Airlines still allows 2 checked bags per person, if I’m correct and current on my luggage rules.

There is a new unconventional option that is gaining interest among travelers.

Mailing your luggage to your destination. Hey, business people are mailing packages to their destinations all the time. And, UPS and Fed EX have a much better tracking rate than the airlines.

Check out Luggage Logistics at The UPS Store. They seem to have a pretty good handle on “handling” your baggage.

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