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Before I travel

I’m about to get in a 747 to Detroit, but I want to do a little blogging in my free minutes.  Here’s what’s up with me.  Going home for Christmas tonight.  Tomorrow I’m going to shoot a film with no script and no professional actors (though aspiring can be better).  In some regards, I’ve lost my mind to think I can handle such a feet.  Still, I think I can handle it.  

Meanwhile, I’ve got places to go and people to see.  When you’re always around, they don’t need you, but when you’re remote, you’re suddenly high demand.  It’s party of my locational charm, I’m working.  Just playing.

I’ve got Deliverance and Unstoppable on blu-ray to watch on the plane, but I’ve been training my body to sleep on the plane.  Either way, I’m excited to travel.  The idea of being on one side of the world then being on the other in mere hours is a privileged of the modern age.  Roman’s campaigned for years to get places.  It’s also an insane concept.  This time tomorrow I’ll be on the East Coast and operating in an entirely different world.  It’s going to be a trip.  Literally.

Alright, I have some last minute stuff to handle.  I’m going to be tweeting constantly on my journey.  My Twitter is @bakstar_inc.  Get at cha boy!  Sorry.


The BEST holidays

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