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beer festival 2011, Sydney…

The temperature is warm, the weather is nice. I can’t think of a better way (right now) to spend my afternoon than drinking beer. And by chance (yeah, right…), there is a beer festival today at the Rocks.

It’s the 7th annual Beer Festival, hosted by the Australian Heritage Hotel. This year, it’s going to be held for two days; 29th and 30th of October from 12 noon to 5 pm.

This year, Gloucester Street is shut down and lined up with drinking stalls. There is also a meet the brewer sessions every hours (different brewers for each session, each session lasting about an hour) and a BBQ and pizza stands (courtesy of Australian Heritage Hotel).

I arrived at around 12.30 pm and the place is already buzzing with activity. Entry to the festival is free but if you would like to sample some of the beer on offer, it’s best to get a tasting ticket. It cost $10 for a ticket (with 10 tasting coupon) and $5 for the tasting cup. You probably can’t bring you own cup so unless you already have one (from last year?) then you have to get one (it does make for a nice souvenir).

You exchanged a coupon at the drinking stall and they will fill your tasting cup with whatever beer you choose. They only fill it halfway so you only get about 100ml. In total, you paid $10 for approximately a litre of beer ($15, including the cup) . I think it’s worth it, since you get a chance to taste different kind of beers without having to pay for the whole lot.

My first cup of beer is a very delightful pale ale. Sipping my beer, I realized that I haven’t had anything since morning which give me an excuse to try the BBQ. They had slice of pizza, meat pie, and steak sanga (steak sandwich) and one other kind of sandwich (can’t remember). All priced between $6 – $6.50.

The steak sandwich is nice but nothing extraordinary. It’s just there to accompany the beer. You can get a better food at the hotel but as usual, you have to wait longer.

There are lots of beers on offer. Ale, lager, stout, cider to name a few.You have pale, dry, drought. There is even one offering ginger beer (very nice).

By 1.30 pm, the place is crawling with beer drinking crowd. I took one last gulp at my hopinator (courtesy of Holgate brewhouse) and take my leave. It’s been a very enjoyable afternoon.

If you are nearby, come and have a look. Don’t forget to try the beers on offer.

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