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Beautiful Haiti

It is frustrating that the Haiti that most people know is the Haiti portrayed on the news. What I mean is Americans I’ve spoken with have had the conception that Haiti is a dirty country full of sick people who do not have the means or will to take care of themselves. In contrast, visiting there I’ve not only seen natural beauty everywhere, but also eager, happy people with a huge sense of pride in their self-appearance and a strong work ethic. I did not take many photos of people working on projects, including functional projects like building, cleaning, preparing food, and taking care of others, and artistic projects like dance, film, and painting. I have seen all of this, and I’ve seen it often. I did take some of the pictures of the natural beauty that is Haiti.

This is the beach at Jacmel Bay. Not only is it gorgeous with a nice, cool ocean breeze, it is also a great spot to find sea glass. In fact, if you’re interested in sea glass jewelry, a group of deaf Haitians creates it and sells it on etsy.

This photo is taken from a rooftop in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital and home to nearly one million people, with close to 4 million in the city and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Here is my husband enjoying the sights and sounds of Port-au-Prince.

Goodnight, Haiti. It was great hearing your cows, roosters, and goats. The first day I arrived on my first visit, the driver who picked me up at the airport told me no one visits Haiti just one time. Having been there twice in less than six months, I agree with him.

The BEST holidays

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