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After the big family hug had past the point of extreme awkwardness, I raised my first Freddy Mercury style and shouted “ADVENTURE” and went through the departure gate. All I had to do now was to sit, read and try not to panic too much for the next 3 hours.

After a decent flight on a budget Indian airline to Mumbai (the film selection included Anchorman & The Dark Knight), I got off the plane and into the sauna that is India at 10.30pm. 29 degrees. 29 degrees! My new friend and wonderful travel mentor, Robyn then pointed out to me India’s smell. At first I thought she was kidding, but she wasn’t. India genuinely does have a smell, and not an unpleasant one, it’s pretty much a different flavoured air (best way I can come up with to describe it).

I boarded the connecting flight, and 5 hours and a crappy nap later. I’ve arrived in the insanity that is Bangkok. Robyn then leaves me to fend for myself on Khaosan Road (Backpacker street essentially). After some aimless wondering I find the guesthouse I’m looking for and I’ve got myself a little room with a fan and a cellotape washing line.

Bangkok is a strange beast. It’s hectic to say the least. I haven’t yet ventured outside of backpakerville yet, and so i’m constantly accosted by TukTuk drivers asking me how I am and where I’m from and what they recommend I do, all via their fetching little faux taxis. It’s overwhelming to the point of frustration, there’s smells that I can’t quite make out, TukTuk drivers that want to make an easy buck and 6 pairs of billabong swimshorts to every person in the city. I almost bought some photocopied’/printed books but couldn’t bring myself to it.

In my current state, alone at 1pm on a ridiculously hot day, it’s not the best. Gimme some company to enjoy some 50p Beers with and this place will be awesome..

I’ve now got to go and organise my method of transport to Ho Chi Minh City. I think I need to firstly get over my western expectations and paranoia that everything doesn’t look official and just do it. I also need to stop breaking travel padlocks. I’ve gotten through 2 already…

Location:Bangkok, Thailand

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