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Baking and B&B

Hi y’all….wow it has been a very long time since Chelsea and I have been on here.  Let me apologize for the both of us by saying that we have been dealing with a lot of changes regarding our lives.

In fact, I am in the process of relocating, planning for my dream day (you can fill in the blank on that one), and beginning a new chapter in my career life as well as maintaining the current life I have now here in Portland. 

Mike and I are starting to pack up and preparing for a major move.  We are moving to the bay area very soon; within in the next couple of weeks to be exact.  I am so excited to begin our life together back on our own turf. 

My family owns a Bed and Breakfast.  It has been in our family for about 5 years now, and after several years of contemplating the idea of running it; I have decided to take on the task and huge challenge.  The Inn at Duncan’s Mills ( is a beautiful Bed and Breakfast located at the Russian River in California. 

My goal for the Inn is to transform her into a romantic getaway for couples whether it be a honeymoon, anniversary or any other special occasion.  This is a HUGE task indeed but I know that I will be able to achieve my goal as I am a very determined lady with a go-getter attitude.  Let the challenge begin.  I say “Bring it on, baby!”

While Stressed Desserts is still a business I would like to brand, I can do this at the same time.  I know you all must be thinking that I am nuts but let’s face it, those that know me, know that I set high standards for myself and work hard to make them stick and work in my favor.

I will be keeping everyone informed via this blog.  I can’t wait until the Inn is the “Diamond in the Ruff” it is meant to be. 

We will be offering special packages including couples massage, romance packages (champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries in the room), intimate dining experiences, and so much more.

And listen up…if you are interested in helping a girl out, stay at the Inn now.  It is a beautiful place set in a quiet setting in wine country, the coast, and the beautiful Russian River.  I am offering a huge discount if you book now through January.  Rooms typically go for $145-175.00/night (loft $325-350.00/night), but right now you can stay for $125/night on the weekend and $100/night during the week.  I am ready to establish a name for myself and build my reputation in California as a great chef as well as being a very successful entrepreneur.  Check out the website above and call to make reservations.  Feel free to ask questions here as well as book through me on the blog as well.  If you are going to book through the website please mention COOKIEBYTES for this incredible discount.

I will be preparing your breakfast and offering great activity suggestions in one of the greatest vacation destinations along the Northern California coast.  Also, we do weddings as well.  The Inn sleeps 18-20 comfortably (if you are thinking about the entire Inn for a group). 

Weddings at the Inn are also highly recommended.  And, if you choose Chelsea to be your event planner we will offer you an additional discount.  You will love her as she is the best around, having worked over 1000 weddings, Chelsea is the creme de la creme. And of course if you choose me for all of your catering my food speaks for itself.  Just sayin’ you will be more than impressed with this “Dynamic Duo” (Chelsea and me).

Thanks so much for all of your support.


The BEST holidays

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