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Baggage or not? that is the question

So almost every major airline in the U.S. now charges for checked bagagge, and that makes you wonder what to bring or what not to bring! If you have to pay for it is it worth bringing? Then it becomes a whole production in your closet will this fit and should you bring this? The worst part about it is that people start to overstuff their bags so they come to the airport with their “carry-on” bag that’s swelling looking like a watermelon expecting the agent to not notice that this carry-on bag is overflowing with stuff and more than likely won’t fit in the overhead bin! Then when the agent asks “are you checking any bags today?” passengers act all paranoid saying “oh no I have just one carry-on! That’s what we’re allowed right?” Well yes moron you are allowed carry-on bags 2 to be exact that actually fit in the over-head bin or under the seat in front of you! So you know when you see those little stands that have a measuring thingy on them? Yeah that’s what size is allowed for carry-on. You’re “carry-on piece” that you’ve overstuffed like a gigantic turkey and zippers ripping at the seems will not fit in the over-head or under seat in front of your so I’m sorry you will be checking a bag today! That will be a $25 charge! You’re welcome!

Then you have overweight bags! I can’t seem to understand why people need so much on their vacations?! It boggles my mind! So you show up to the counter with your bag expecting the agent to just ignore the 1lb that tilts the scale and makes your bag overweight! It bothers me that people get so upset about 1lb! Litterally! What’s 1lb? “Well sir why don’t you think about that for a minute!” First of all, you want the agent to overlook the 1lb because it’s not a big deal it’s just a pound! But if it’s not that big of a deal then why isn’t it a big deal for you to take it out and you carry an extra pound if it’s not that big a deal? Second let’s look at the math! An average plane depending on the airport can hold anywhere from 250-400 people! Now that’s a guess and a round number! Now on average lets just say each of those passengers no let’s say half of those passengers check 2bags each. that comes out to an average of 125-200 bags. Now each of those bags are over weight by 1lb every one of those, ok. That comes out to 6,375lbs, or more, worth of bags! For one flt that holds 250 people! Now this is just a guesstimate. Can you imagine working as a bagagge handler lifting even half of this as a living? And this is just one flt! An 8hr shift will probably involve, what maybe anywhere from 5-6 maybe more flts and this doesn’t even count when planes arrive that the handler has to unload! This calculates out to 6,375lbs/flt x 6flts/day=38,250lbs x 2(6 inbound unloads) =76,500lbs/day. Now you tell me, would you think now 1lb was a big deal? Because I’m sure those handlers do! Oh and the idea of people wanting to “average out” their 2 bags that equal 80lbs together but one bag is super tiny weighing in at a meer 10lbs and the other should be outlawed as bagagge because the bag is so ridiculously huge and weighing in at 70lb! So yes it does average out to 80lbs however the weight limit is not an average, it’s a weight limit PER BAG! You idiot! I’m not even going to go into the math on this one. I’m sure you get the picture!

I’m just saying do you really need all that stuff that you pack when you’re traveling? Do you really need 10 bikini’s for your 7 day vacation in Hawaii? Is there not a washing machine where you’re going? It only cost about $25 to send your clothes out to wash n fold in Vegas! Sometimes less depending on where you go! All I’m saying is don’t be stupid when packing! Oh and when worst comes to worst check a second bag! It’ll always be cheaper to check a second piece than to pay an overweight fee! Don’t be any idiot take a couple minutes and unpack that extra few pounds and put it into your roll aboard and if necessary check it for the smaller extra fee instead of paying that ridiculous overweight fee! I promise you’ll get more for your money! Just sayin!

And remember, as always, this is the airline industry. It ain’t Burger King, you can’t always have it your way!

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