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back to reality

So I’m back, with a 7hours delayed connecting flight at Doha that almost drive me insane. I’ve enjoyed myself tremendously over the last 4 weeks and I wished it didn’t end. But I guess its good to be back to reality for a bit before going off again. Having this love hate relationship about work, and yes work officially starts again next week.

I’m dreading it more than being excited for it and I can’t really figure out why. I think I’m worried over the many things that I might not be able to perform up to expectations not because I’m ignorant about it but more like I am not aware. Like how certain things are common sense to you might not be for someone else.

and I can’t find my SOW for tomorrow’s meeting, I think I’m screwed.

On a side note, I’ve been doing alot of thinking during the past weeks I was away, and I think I’ve come to realise that I kill myself so hard for always feeling not good enough. Not good enough for anyone. I feel like I need to prove myself to everyone, and that the minute I fall short I’m being overlooked.

As amazing as you make me feel 
the smiles you bring to my face
the tingling fuzzy warmth I feel in my heart
I thought this could be something

But then maybe I’m not the one for you
because you make me feel
that I’m never going to be good enough
good enough for you 

The BEST holidays

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