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Babies, Flights, and Writing

I learned last time around that if you wait until you get to the airport to check in, you might not get a seat, which makes a lot of sense.  So in preparation for my flight to Hong Kong this time around, I checked in online and had to the option to pick my seat.  There were no more aisle or window seats, but plenty of sandwich seats.  And somehow, I managed to put myself next to a baby, who was cute, but she was a bit too curious about me when she was awake and practiced her bicycle kicks on me when she was asleep.  This was also the same baby I saw a few hours earlier in the waiting area just taking a dump in a portable toilet that her mom whips out on the spot – I guess she doesn’t get the concept of a diaper or maybe they spent all their money on tickets to Hong Kong instead??

I’ve started building out a database of material for my book.  It isn’t a very orderly or thorough process because I tend to start, work on it a bit, and then end up working on another idea, which repeats the cycle.  It is worth pointing out that I was working on a piece about my first visit to the Sex Addicts Anonymous group while sitting next to the kid on the plane.  She was very fascinated by the laptop.  I hope she can’t read yet.

The BEST holidays

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