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After many long hours, many miles and many tears I am in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My arrival was not a very good one. For a couple of reasons. 1) I am sick. Flying and traveling alone while sick is not fun. 2) The flight was incredibly uncomfortable which meant I did not sleep well and so was very tired from over 24 hours of travel. 3) This place was not what I expected and I realized when I got to the hostel that I did not make the decision to come here for the reasons that I should have. More on this.a

I finished school and was wanting to do something different. Travel. So I started making some plans and coming up with ideas and telling people all about them. I decided to pursue Australia which led to me talking all about leaving and doing cool things. Once I began talking about it and letting everyone know about my awesome plans, well can’t really back out now can we? So I changed my mind from Australia to Argentina and in theory this sounded pretty damn good. I’ve always wanted to go to South America, I’ve always wanted to make my Spanish fluent, I like heat, I don’t like winter and I really enjoy having a tan. So Buenos Aires it was. Booked my flight, booked my first hostel and waited for my departure date to arrive. Then it did. And here I am. For a stupid reason which I did not really think through or truthfully want to do on my own. So I am being brave and admitting this in public and bring honest about my feelings. I think this happens much too often, people making decisions based on the expectations and opinions of others even if they helped propagate them. I am vowing to do it no more and I am embarrassed that I did it in the first place. Now back to my current situation. The one in which I boarded a plane without thinking it through fully and ending up on an adventure that could have been much more what I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I am still going to get out of the trip what I intended and I do believe this will be good for me ( in fact I found a bikram yoga studio here and am planning to do a week of yoga) but I will do what feels right for me, not what I think other people would be thinking about what I am doing. But back to the trip so far…

This morning upon arriving at Puerto LĂ­mon I could do nothing much more than sit with tears in my eyes and tell Derek how much I hated it here. A nap, a few good conversations with people here and a little exploration and I am feeling much better. Not so teary, much more confident although there is tons to still figure out. For example, I did not realize that I must watch where I am stepping because dogs shit all over the place and no one picks it up (I learned this the hard way today). Buenos Aires seems more difficult to navigate and less modern than Thailand to me. Weird. It could be that today almost everything is closed because apparently I arrived on the day of the election, but even so items seem difficult to come by. Perhaps being alone is making me more timid than normal. More information and exploration is needed I guess. Turns out I have a ton of figuring out to do! Currently I am sitting in the hostel common room surrounded by about 9 other people. There is a lot of talk of where everyone is from and what they do and how long they will be here. There is a British couple, a girl from Belgium, and boys from France, Sweden, Germany, Australia and Brazil. I had a brief moment of being very social and partaking in the obvious questions and chit chat, feeling that I must be very friendly as to properly represent and uphold the old Canadian stereotype. I am after all the only one of us here. However my sociability has waned as I became engaged in writing in my journal and writing this blog. Apparently there have been a bunch of robbing attempts lately which isn’t overly common I’m told. Ive just chosen a good day to arrive. I am amused by the characters around me, incredibly stereotypical hostelers. While not partaking at the moment, I am enjoying the conversation around me. If not so much the smoking. Which everyone does here. For now all I can say is that I will have to give this place some more time. While I am giving it more time i have found a Bikram yoga studio here which i am going to do for a week while i explore this city. I may not be here for my intended time but it will be my decision and the one that is right for me. I will get out of this trip exactly what i should and will be grateful for the opportunity I have to be here. This is all for now. Im anticipating a full day of further learnings tomorrow. Chau for now!


The BEST holidays

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