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Ayi Jihu 2012 – If Women ruled the world

Gathered in La Maquette Restaurant in Toronto a group of would be women leaders meet to discuss just how they are going to step by step change the world we are living in. In their midst is Chinese Star Ayi Jihu, a ‘Woman of Action’ and Ambassador for A Celebration of Women Foundation inc.

Founder and visionary Catherine Anne Clarke started a movement over seven years ago. A ‘Pay it forward’ movement lead by women leaders, who would groom future women leaders and try to help this world. Now A Celebration of Women Foundation Inc has women of Action all over the world.

After thousands of years of male rule apparently the universe is shifting and women are going to be to dominant force. Whether you believe that or not, one thing is for sure, The women deserve their chance and if a chance is to be taken, A Celebration of Women Foundation inc is preparing itself to be in the right place at the right time.

As Catherine Anne Clarke presides over her cabinet one begins to get a picture of the power and reach of A Celebration of Women Foundation inc: Hundreds of women all over the world in every major city. All doers, movers and shakers, givers and contributors beavering away behind the scenes (at this point) quietly under the careful gaze of Catherine Anne Clarke from her offices in Toronto Canada. There seems to be no expertise she cannot tap, no link she does not already have a connection to no door she will not eventually open because let’s face it behind many a great man is often a greater woman.

This is not a Bra burning bunch of suffragettes or men haters, on the contrary these are real women bringing it back to what they know works, giving first. These are mothers, daughters, lovers who are prepared and happy to be mothers, daughters and lovers while still being leaders and trail blazers. These are women who believe that it is the combination of the being real women in business that is the key to moving forward. These are not women who want to out do men, or be like men, but bring what they bring as women, real women to business, philanthropy and charity and they are starting at the grass roots level by helping young women learn and understand their true value and worth in the world.

It is no surprise that a movement and foundation like this have sought out Ayi Jihu as an Ambassador. She is a Woman of Action and they have been watching her for many years ever since their first article on her several years ago, when Ayi went to Bermuda on her journey of love to get Domes for Homes for the victims of the Haiti earthquake and ended up confronting the rising gun crime problem in Bermuda and Island that before had never known such things.

If women ruled the world would it be a better place? Who can say, but one thing for sure, they deserve their shot.

For more information about Ayi Jihu visit

For more information on A Celebration of Women Foundation Inc. visit there website.

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