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Appreciating Culture… after a glass of wine!

UH OH. Had a feeling this would happen… only got around to posting ONE entry. Not going to lie, laziness was definitely a key factor…


So guess what, I AM STILL IN HONG KONG. Seriously can’t believe how fast time has flown by… one day I’m just experiencing this brand new city, another I feel like I’ve been living here forever. Unfortunately getting a Hong Kong ID was a longer process than needed, especially when you have no idea what documents were needed. Long story short, FINALLY got it sorted (hurrah!) and will be collecting it at the end of the month. This also meant I had no luck with job opportunities… everywhere that contacted me said a HK ID was necessary, I’m not surprised though – why bother going through the hassle of sorting out a working visa for someone when there’s other people with HK ID’s that can be hired immediately? As disappointed as I was, guess there’s nothing that could’ve been done. Didn’t stop me from keeping my eyes peeled for other job offers though! My only fear is wasting time not being able to do anything productive. Especially when you have no source of income, funds must be used wisely… The feeling of not knowing what to do with my future (career-wise) is gradually starting to freak me out…


On a more positive note, my flight home is booked for Decemember 23rd… meaning I’ll be home for Christmas! Apparently Ireland is expecting a white Winter… *jumps up for joy* I LOVE SNOW!!! Only thing with Ireland is that it constantly rains, so beautiful white snow always end up turning to disgusting dirty mushy slush… then when it gets cold, it freezes over and BOOM! Hello black ice. I just hope it snows AFTER I land, don’t want to miss out on a white Christmas and more importantly I don’t want to miss out on spending Christmas with family and friends.


A lot has happened during the past 3 months, I don’t think I’ve ever been THAT committed to being a tourist before ha. Don’t worry, I’ll still blog about them in future blog entries, but right now while it’s still fresh in my head – hello Wine and Dine Festival, in Chinese it’s known as 香港美酒佳餚巡禮. I just went to it two days ago with my best friend Nadia, and two of her friends. This four-day event is Hong Kong’s biggest outdoor wine and culinary event, offering an excellent opportunity for tourists or locals to sample food and wine. The opening hours were as follows:

1 November:               8.30pm – 11.30pm

2 – 3 November:        2pm – midnight

4 November:              2pm – 11.30pm

So I’m sure everyone knows that Hong Kong is well known for it’s culture and cuisine. This highly anticipated event takes place annually, held on the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade. To get there, one can take the MTR to Kowloon Station (Exit A) or East Tsim Sha Tsui Station (Exit K), where a free shuttlebus service is provided. Another option is a ten fifteen minute walk from Kowloon Station – there are signs EVERYWHERE so it’s impossible to get lost!

This event first launched in 2009, gathering great tastes of the world for people to experience. Each passing year, the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival has gained international recognition, promoting Hong Kong as the “culinary capital of Asia”.

American Express is once again the title sponsor for this exquisite event, alongside Bordeaux International Wine & Dine Festival Organization being co-organiser. The Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival showcases wines from 18 countries and regions; including Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, France, Georgia, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Macedonia, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Ukraine and the USA, alongside an exquisite selection of cuisines from award-winning chefs internationally. There are over 300 wine and food booths this year and some first-class live entertainment; including jazz performers, bands and singers. This year, two new attractions are included, a Sweet Pavilion; showcasing desserts by pastry professionals which are paired them off with suitable wines, and a New Products Zone; featuring exclusive newly released and limited-edition wines. You can also pick up a booklet at the information booths, which provide contact details for each food and wine booth participating in this festival.

Different tokens for the function can be purchased, which will save you those extra few dollars. Myself and Nadia wanted to save time so we didn’t bother with the long queue… little did we know that there were gifts that could be redeemed with said tokens, and you were given the option to purchase certain wines and dishes at discounted prices. There’s always next year I guess! We were also unsure of the prices so didn’t want to queue and then risk not being able to afford them… Not to fear, I found some prices in the information booklet afterwards though so we’ll know for next year – theyr’e affordable!

Grand Wine Pass (HK$480)

Consists of 5 Grand Wine Tokens for wine tasting in the Riedel Grand Tasting Pavilion and a few gift / discount tokens. A Riedel wine glass with a glass pouch will also be provided. The Grand Wine Pass is valid on its designated date only.

Grand Wine Token (HK$50 each)

Classic Wine Pass (HK$200)

Consists of 10 Classic Wine Tokens for wine tasting at any Classic Wine Booth inside the venue and a few gift / discount tokens. A Stözel wine glass with glass pouch will be provided.

Classic Wine Pass for 2 (HK$300)

Consists of 15 Classic Wine Tokens for wine tastings at any Classic Wine Booths inside the venue and a few gift / discounted tokens. Two Stözel wine glasses with wine glass pouches will be provided.

Class Wine Token (HK$10 each)

Sweet Pavilion Pass (HK$20 per person)

For the admission to Sweet Pavilion. It can be used as HK$20 cash token for purchase inside.

Overall, myself and Nadia had so much fun at this event. The food we tried were delicious and the wine was… well, tasty! Hearing about the different types of wines was actually so interesting. The stall for the Hong Kong Wine Academy offered free wine AHEM sorry, I mean a game for wine tasting, so we decided to check it out. We were given a small glass of wine, and had to guess which type it was. It was a multiple choice answer. Think the wine lecturer at the stall saw how worried we looked (clearly we had CLUELESS written all across our faces), he assured us not to worry, as there are hints given to us. Each type of wine was explained to us, and we basically had to taste it and take a guess. We got it wrong, but still got a little gift for participating! Gotta love people who are friendly and just enjoy a good ole chat with strangers. Anyways, we were given a business card and got told to come along to some of the lectures about wine, think we’ll end up going to one just because it’s fascinating! I know absolutely nothing about wine, apart from whether I like the taste or not… clearly any sort of good wine would be wasted on me! The only downside to this event was the amount of people that attended, so there would be long queues at the stalls… For those who appreciate travelling and experiencing different types of cuisines, this is the event for you! Definitely recommend going next year if you didn’t get the chance to do so this time round. You won’t be disappointed!

Below are just a few of the snaps taken on the night, hope it brings back awesome memories for those who attended, and for those who haven’t, may it act as an insight to the event and hopefully you will have the opportunity to check it out next year for yourselves!

The BEST holidays

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