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I’ve mentioned in past posts that I haven’t had the best luck with relationships. I don’t really remember what all I said to go with it though, but that’s alright. For most of them it wasn’t anything big, and when we broke up or moved on, it was sad sometimes but mostly accepted well on both sides. The one incredibly serious relationship I had though spanned over multiple years and we were even 2 weeks away from moving in with each other. That never did happen in the long run because she decided to get a new boyfriend with the guy she was apparently cheating on me with for the last month of our relationship. After such a long time being together it hurt exceptionally bad. I would even go as far as saying that I felt destroyed from being betrayed that way, especially since even on the day before the breakup, she phoned me just to “hear me tell her that I loved her”.

The emotions I felt after the breakup didn’t go to waste at all though, I actually dug them up earlier today when I did my second performance in Theatre class; worth another 25% of our grade. The difference this time from the last was that we actually had other actors and improv lines to work with and work on. For this assignment, we were given partners specially chosen for us from the professor with a back-story attached. Our jobs were to then use that back-story to create a fully functional scene. My back-story went as follows:

“You are poor young man madly in love with a rich young woman whose parents don’t like you. The young woman disappears for a week without giving any notice. To try to find out where she went or if anything happened you called her parents; her mother told you, ‘I don’t know where that girl is.’ before hanging up. At the end of the week you routinely call the young woman, this time she answers and upon hearing her voice, you immediately hang up and rush over to her well furnished apartment. This is when your scene begins.”

My partner, Kassia, had the exact same back-story except with reference to her as the rich young woman. So this left us with quite a few different paths to take, needing to decide what happened to her character over that week and what would happen to us when I rush over.

One of the requirements to our acts was that it had to be realistic, so we decided to have me come over very excited to see my “lover” after having missed her for a week. Generally, my character was a lot like me; very caring, emotional, accepting and constantly looking for a positive outlook on everything. But in the end, we ultimately steered the scene to have her cheat on over the week, hence why she disappeared.

In a full run-through, Kassia began at her nicely furnished apartment. We used a table with a nice tablecloth, a centrepiece, along with a shelf filled with lots of intriguing and nice belongings to represent that it was her nice apartment. Kassia was pacing and kinda fidgety knowing that I was probably coming to see her after I hung up from hearing her voice. Which really was what happened. So after a few seconds, I knocked on her door. When she answered I got so ecstatic to see her, that I rushed in and gave her a big hug. Excitedly, I apologized for just hanging up on her, but told her that, “When I heard your voice, I just got so excited that I HAD to come and see you!”, then went into asking where she was for a week? Did anything happen? If she got my calls, texts or emails? All the while she remained very resistant and distant to everything I was saying and my gentle touches to her arms, including the big hug.

In reply she asked to come in and have a seat and inquired if I would like a drink. In reply, I denied the drink and explained that I just wanted to hear all about her and what was up. As a result, she told me, “Ohhh… I Uhhh — I was out with friends — P-places… You know…”. With such a coy response, I kindly moved onto asking where she went, if she was with her friend Debbie and such. Finally, she just asked me, “Well… Umm, do you remember Antonio?”.

I replied, “Uhhh… Antonio. You mean your parent’s friend, Antonio?”

Kassia next corrected me saying that Antonio was her parents best friend’s son, and he managed to get the private jet for the week and her parents urged her to go to Europe with Antonio. She accepted and that’s where she was for the week. I was fascinated and thought it was pretty awesome Antonio got a private jet and that they went to Europe and displayed genuine excitement for her to be able to do that.

Next though, Kassia finally had enough of the hiding, so she sat down in the chair beside me and told me in a slightly nervous manner, “Look… I need to tell you something…”.

As her caring lover, I assured that it’s alright as I took her hand with passion and said, “You know you can tell me anything, I mean I do love you after all.”

Finally Kassia spilled the beans and told me that she slept with Antonio on the trip.

At first I was shocked and didn’t know what to think, stumbling around words, but after a moment my thoughts caught up and I questioned her saying, “Y-you slept with Ant-… W-what Happened? Were you drunk? Did he take advantage of you?!”

In reply, she told me no, and that it was her conscious choice. Then went on explaining that its probably better this way since I was working so much and attending classes constantly that we didn’t see each other a tonne.

While she said all that, I stood up and buried my face into my hands, taking everything in, then began to raise my voice, saying in reply that I was doing it all for her! That I working towards a great education to get a great job and make our lives TOGETHER the best possible!

Kassia basically just laughed that off, saying that I was too poor to give her anywhere near a good life and that it wasn’t right she should have more money than I did.

This brought on the angry stage of myself, where I went into a tangent saying, “Money can’t buy love! Antonio buying you all these diamonds, nice dresses, spontaneous trips to Europe isn’t love! What I gave you was love! EVERYTHING I gave you was love! No matter how poor I am!”

She began to try and tell me that love doesn’t exist, but money buys happiness; and Antonio was able to afford to make her very happy and give her a very happy life.

Angrily, I yelled back her, “I would have done EVERYTHING to make you happy! I would have went to the moon and back for you!”

Having enough, she simply said that I couldn’t make her happy, I was just a poor dope with no money.

As a last straw, I said finally yelled quite loudly, “You know what?! Last month your friend Debbie told me that you were cheating on me with some guy. I didn’t believe her at the time… But now — Now I just see your some cheap whore!”

Lastly, she yelled at me to leave her apartment.

As final words, I replied “Yeah. Good idea, F^$K this, and especially F#%K YOU! Have a nice life with Antonio!” Where I slammed the door, leaving her fuming in her apartment.

I think it went well, I improved all my lines well and they felt natural as they left my mouth. At no point during the scene did I feel at all a bit awkward or anything. Actually, I got so into it, that as I left and slammed the door, I actually broke the door… I’m not sure how it happened, but I pulled it so far inwards that it popped right through the door frame in the direction doors aren’t meant to bend. Maybe the adrenaline gave me some super strength? I don’t really know…

The scene was pretty emotional though and I let out a lot of emotion and a lot of true emotion as well from the similar experience I had. So I feel as though it was believable. What made me really happy at the end was that two girls in my class came and gave me a hug after the performance because they felt bad for me from the emotions I portrayed in the scene. One of them even told me she was about to cry, but then the other one said that it felt like a real life soap opera. So I’m not too sure what to think of that. But ultimately I hope my classmates enjoyed it as much as I think they did. Next up is an assignment with lines we actually have to memorize.


“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!/ For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.” – William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, 1.5


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