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Another Top 5 Travel iPhone Apps

On Saturday, I took the time to upgrade my iPhone to the IOS5 system.  I also decided it was time to retire some apps I don’t use. It was also a good time share with you guys some of the travel apps you’d have to pull from my cold, dead iPhone, below.  And click here to read my last iPhone travel apps review.

  1. Hotels By Me – back in August, the kid and I went to the Bay Area on an airline buddy pass to visit the family.  Long story short, Hurricane Irene threw a major wrench into our plans to fly home.  After spending most of an evening hanging out at San Francisco International Airport for a ride home, I realized it wasn’t going to happen. It was late and we needed a place to lay our weary heads. This app found us a hotel room at a very reasonable price.
  2. Taxi Magic – I was in Boston last month attending a reception for a journalism conference. We were at the Microsoft facility in Cambridge and needed a ride back to our Boston hotel. This app gives you a list of cabs in the area and a direct line to book one. We had our cab 5 minutes after the call.
  3. Google Translate – I spent part of my formative years living in Brussels. I learned French and could hold my own in Flemish.  But when we moved back to the USA, all my language skills went out the window. I recently needed to contact the press officer f a Brazilian fractional aircraft operator. The press officer didn’t speak a word of English. This came in handy. I could type or speak my phrases and play them back. I got what I needed. It covers languages from Afrikaans to Yiddish.
  4. Concur – this is the system we use at my current employer to handle expenses.  Instead of waiting until you get home to create the monster expense report, you can enter information and receipts (using the iPhone camera) to put together the report while you’re on the road.
  5. iSushi – I am a sushi fanatic.  I have had divine raw fish all over the world. This app allows you to search restaurants in any location.  It gives you a map and directions, and even allows you to call the restaurant directly.

So what great travel apps can you recommend? What are some of the ones YOU can’t live without?

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