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Annecy, a fairy tale town in France

I have a lot of photos from Annecy. But most of them are of a one single object taken from different angles and at the different parts of the day.  This object is a prison… Not the most romantic building. But it looks so picturesque in the middle of a cute canal, just like a fairy tale ship!

Annecy and Palais d'Isle at night

Annecy – is the most recommended by me place to visit if you are somewhere around Geneva. The easiest way to come here is by car. But there is also another way that I’ve already tried – by bus. They go right from Geneva airport and also from the bus station that is close to the main train station of the city.

Annecy is a beutiful town situated on the banks of the Annecy lake. There are two nice canals going through the center of the city. In summer every house on the canals is decorated with flowers. There are a lot of cute cafes and restaurants offering tasty French cuisine.

Following the canal you can go out to the lake and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding mountains. You can also sail a boat and view different picturesque places on the lake.

Above the town there is a medieval castle (Château d’Annecy)  and from its height there is a beautiful view of Annecy. But I haven’t taken pictures from there. I was focused only on one object – the castle-prison Palais de l’Isle that stands in the middle of the canal. This building is just so unusual and picturesque!
Annecy and Palais d'Isle in the morning

Night panorama of Annecy with Palais d'Isle

Annecy by night

Annecy, cute French town

Annecy, cute French town

From the gallery: professional photos of Annecy, France

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