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An Evening Trip In Hell*

story time anyone??

so yesterday i took a little trip to hell-literally. my work was turned into a disaster zone.

i get here at 250 and walk into a group of 9 checking in. this was a softball group made up of girls between seven and nine however, i didnt have any concern because they were all with their parents and apparently had a 6am checkout time this morning (i work in a hotel, by the way.)

now…can someone please tell me why people feel like a hotel is a freezone where rules dont apply?

heres a time line of my night…

3pm-finished checking in the group, got settled and say bye to my supervisors.

330pm-pool trip number 1. now, we, as well as most hotel have a no glass on the pool deck rule. not only is it in huge bold letters in three places on the pool deck, this group of adults were also verbally told…twice. I happen to walk by the pool at 330 and see not one but nine glass bottles spread around the pool deck, in hands, and on the deck tables…really? so i give them all plastic cups and say our rule again…345 i check and low and behold, two more glass bottles just chillin in the middle of the deck. now..while i am doing this, the other staff member working with me is busy chasing these people kids all over our hotel telling them to stop screaming and yelling.-he made 6 laps.

4pm-ahhh quiet. the group all leaves for dinner.

445pm….they’re backkkkkk -__- literally i did not smile or greet them when they walked in the door because the girls were hyped up on sugar and took off running while yelling after one another and the 12 parents sounded like a whole high school assembly of kids with the volume of their voices. the parents all went into our restaurant with the three…yes, three cases of beer they bought while out and left me to deal with their bratty little children.

from 445 to 645 i made at least 20 rounds through our property picking up shoes, candy, cans, bottles, trash, clothing, towel and tissues that they used as decorations, yelled at these girls, called my gm 6 times oh, and called the fire department

oh yeah they did it. these girls were going up and down our elevator incessantly and in turn causing the motor to overheat and burn out temporarily. our elevator was shut down from 645pm-530am this morning.

needless to say, our gm was not happy. we ended up comping and giving away approximately $85 worth or food, drinks, beer, and wine as well as two guest rooms.

last night was literally one of the most stressful nights at this property mostly because there were two people staffed and one of them got stuck in the burnt out elevator for 30 minutes. i just thought to myself the whole time “its all about the guests” and did my best to correct any problems the other guests of our hotel experienced due to these wildabeasts.

what really made my night though was hearing from my GM on the way home say “you did good sport.”


The BEST holidays

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