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Acropol Family Restaurant, Largo, FL

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I’ve passed this place a number of times driving between my hotel and work here in Largo. It was recommended to me by a coworker today, and I stopped for dinner. I got there around 1730 and left around 1830. The place was about 50% full when I got there, and getting crowded when I left.

The menu had amazing variation. There was Italian, Greek, American, Tex-Mex, and probably other stuff.

One of the daily specials was fried chicken. I asked my server, and she said it was one of her favorites, and then she cautioned me that I didn’t want to be in a hurry, as it took longer to cook. That’s a positive sign! It means they cook it right.

The meal started with some navy bean soup, it was a biggish bowl, and was really good (and HOT). The chicken arrived just as I was finishing up the bowl, and it was still sizzling from the frying. It was four pieces, a leg, wing, thigh, and breast. And it was good stuff. The breading was not super greasy, and the chicken was juicy and had good flavor. It came with whipped potatoes and chicken gravy. The tea was good, strong, and kept refilled.

Overall the meal was simple, filled me up, and was tasty. I looked at several other meals walking in and out of the restaurant that also looked good.

My check was $10.75. Service was good also. I would eat here again anytime.

The BEST holidays

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