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Abidjan Café, Great Spot for a Business Lunch

Carpaccio at Abidjan Cafe, Ivory Coast

Abidjan Café’s carpaccio is sure to please.

Abidjan Café
Galerie Nour Al Hayat
Plateau, Abidjan

Tel:  +225 20 22 44 34

Hours of Operation:  7:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. daily

Price Range:  Moderate

Abidjan Café is an up-market brasserie, located in the heart of Abidjan’s Plateau district.  Its ambience is definitely European, with warm wooden furnishings and a brass trimmed bar, and its menu offers the range of European specialities you might expect to find at similar establishments in Paris or Geneva.

Pasta at Abidjan Cafe, Ivory Coast

The pasta was fresh and tasty, albeit slightly past al dente.

It is the service, though, that truly sets Abidjan Café apart and keeps its loyal clientele returning for more.  Despite its location (in the heart of Ivory Coast’s economic capital), Abidjan Café’s friendly staff create an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy, making customers feel like old friends.

On the day we went for lunch , my husband and I selected the carpaccio appetizer, along with one of the many daily prix fixe specials (prices vary, but are in the 8,000 CFA range), involving pasta and dessert.   I know you are probably thinking I lost my mind.  How could I order an appetizer involving raw beef in a restaurant in a developing country?!

However, I was already familiar enough with the establishment to feel safe doing so and –I must say– I did not regret it for an instant.  The carpaccio was spectacular!  It was fresh flavorful, and beautifully presented.  It was served with the best fresh, crusty bread rolls I’ve had in ages, drizzled with good quality olive oil, and garnished with fresh parmesan.  Quite a treat!

Chocolate Fondant at Abidjan Café, Ivory Coast

The chocolate fondant was a perfect ending to our meal.

The prix fixe portion of the meal was slightly disappointing because the pasta was a tad overcooked.  However, the flavors were still pleasant and the beautiful chocolate fondant we chose for dessert more than compensated for the mild letdown we felt.

Abidjan Café is an ideal venue for a downtown business lunch.  It won’t blow your expense account and the staff are friendly and efficient.  If you are traveling with kids, and are looking for European food downtown, Abidjan Café is a good and affordable option.  However, I would suggest you aim to eat early (around noon) or late (after 2:30 p.m.) to avoid the crowds.

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