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A Wild Adventure

A Wild Adventure.

My friend Mia and I decided to go on an adventure, and when I mean adventure, I mean an adventure. 

It started around 11 am when we thought it would be fun to take my motorcycle to Cataratas Nauyaca. About 1 hour away from Uvita. So as you can probably picture, two girls with helmets; riding down the tropical highway. We were told my motorbike might not make it due to the roads, but we decided to challenge the adventure.

We first stopped at Dominical to pick up some coffee and then headed up the mountain to Cataratas Nauyaca. We weren’t sure of the directions as we didn’t have service, but we managed to find the Cataratas Nauyaca Office. We purchased our tickets at the office and were told we only had 3 hours to get back or my bike would be gone. We figured we could do that. Driving down to the parking lot to the waterfall, basically down a steep mountain. The views were STUNNING… Although, my thoughts going down this steep mountain is how my bike will make it back up. We made it, and again we were told we must be back by 4 pm.

So we hiked, a long, advanced hike. Meanwhile, I’m wearing sandals. Seeing trucks bring down people and horses coming down the mountain. The rain starts to pour. Thinking to ourselves, should we head back? Anyhow, we kept going. Thirty minutes later, the rain is still coming down. We are soaked. FINALLY, we made it to the waterfall. It was unreal. Beautiful. We were the only ones there. I sat on a rock and felt the waterfall breeze blowing on my skin. Thanking God for this beautiful world, we are able to walk on. I spotted a Green and Black Poison Dart Frog. So magical!

 As we were on a time limit, we decided to head back. The rain starts to come down harder. My only thoughts were how my bike would make it back up the mountain. An hour later, we safely made it back to my bike. Still raining- Mia finds a ride with a woman to drive her back up the mountain, hoping to decrease the weight on the bike. The time is here. I was praying to God for safety. I could barely see due to the rain… Praise God, my bike and I made it back up the mountain with no issues. 

Now back to Uvita- Driving a motorcycle in the rain makes it very difficult to see. So I decided it would be wise to stop in Dominical to see if the rain slows down. Meanwhile, we picked up a smoothie, and the rain stopped. Back on the road we go! Checking my gas gauge and it was half full, and I thought I would make it back with no issues. My motorcycle had other thoughts… 10 minutes after driving down the highway; my motorcycle stopped completely… the rain started to come down heavy…the wind was blowing stronger…we were freezing…turned out my bike ran out of gas.

You can probably picture two girls pushing a motorcycle in the rain down the highway, trying to get to the gas station. Mia pushes my bike with me, steering, then hallelujah, my bike starts out of nowhere. Mia hopped on my bike, and we made it to the gas station…

WOW, what an adventure… This adventure was so magical in so many ways. There is never a day where I don’t find an adventure, but what amazes me the most is God’s presence in every breath I take. Thank you, Jesus, for this wild adventure, but more importantly, for being a Magical God who works in ways, we can’t even think upon.

My time here in Costa Rica is just getting started, and I am beyond stoked to see where Jesus leads me.

I will be blogging and vlogging my adventure so be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post and subscribe to my YouTube, LivingwLexi.




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