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A Walk In The Woods

Nala and Liv
Some Instagram favourites from a weekend visiting Sechelt, BC.  We took a short hike with Nala at the magical Gliff Gilker Park on the lookout for earthy mushrooms.
We came across multiple wooden bridges that took us over bubbling creeks.  Some were long and wide while others were so narrow only one could pass at a time.
Milo and Nala
October sun rays streaked into the old-growth forest under the pine-tipped branches and sweeping leaves.

Lush ferns and green moss encroached on fallen stumps, once mighty heros that stood as giants in the forest.
Mossy tree
As for mushrooms, we found many exotic varieties of all different sizes, shapes, and colours.  We photographed as many as we could in hopes of identifying them later.  We didn’t take any with us, not knowing whether they were safe to eat.  For that, we headed to the local market to gather our fill of portobellos, chanterelles, and oysters, and we went back to our cosy cabin by the sea.

As for that wonderful cabin, here’s a sneak peek.  A truly wondrous, enchanting place.  More next time.

The BEST holidays

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