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A Unique Little India !

If you live at Singapore OR have frequent travel there, you must know “Little India”. As also happened in Arab St and Bugis area, we will witness “Not So Singapore” views there.

We don’t see tall office building, fancy hotels and exclusive malls like in other areas in Singapore.  Here, we will see more traditional stores, restaurants, art shops and some smaller hotels. People still do negotiation in shopping (instead of paying  fixed price). You will see “becak”, driven by human (not machine). Most restaurants sell vegetarian food, reflecting India customs (and also Hinduism and Buddha), and make easier to find halal food for Moslems here. You will see less-chinese and white skinners here, instead we will see more Indian ethnics, arabs and tourists. When, i wanted to pray, it was easy finding masjid (mosque) , in fact it was a good, big and clean one.

Definitely, it will be much more beautiful, if you come here during Deepavali festive (around last quarter of the year), where the place will be full of lights in the evening time. I visited once to Mustafa area during this festive, and the city was very beautiful to enjoy at evening.

Below, you may see an Indian do some art work, where the collection is sold there to tourists.

You also may see, unusual view in Singapore: “BECAK”, which is driven by human (and not using machine). It’s part of tourist attraction indeed outside of the advanced Singapore public transportation. Not like at Jakarta, where becak driver is at the back, but this Singapore becak is similar with becak driven in Medan, which the driver is the right side of the passengers. We saw as well woman in Indian dress, and another veiled Moslem woman.

Further below, i captured a group of young students, accompanied by their teacher, came to one of traditional store at Little India. They discussed about the culture of India ethnic, and visited directly to the center of India community at Singapore. I do believe, this will be the best way to assimilate the minority into whole population, by letting people (from younger time) to understand other people customs.

I also took some live pictures about people living there in daily basis as you can see below  interesting images i hope. Definitely, you will not see them in Orchard or Raffles street. Right below, you see 2 Indians were enjoying afternoon time, and relaxed, seeing people around.

We can also see, an old chinese man riding bicycle around the area. Wearing short pant and brought something on the back. This area is full people walking, riding bicycle, driving and parking car.

Also i photographed a lady looking at Ganesha statue at the corner of street. I did not notice whether she just looked at the statue or prayed there.

As i walked down the street, a small hotel caught my eyes. I just entered and spoke with the reception. It’s actually budget hotel, for back-packer. The lobby was very clean, and looked modern lifestyle, with hi speed wi-fi provided.

I also visited a big masjid (mosque) around that area, just probably 200 meters walk from traditional outlet there. it’s big one, clean and very comfortable to pray there. The name of the masjid is Abdoel Gaffur which was built in 1846. Some non-Moslems tourists also visited and witnessed the beauty of masjid.

Last activity that i did in this area is by drinking fresh – young  coconut. It was very delighted to enjoy my time and photographed some pictures here, and wish be able to come back at this place later. Hope you enjoy some pictures in this side, and for someones who have not yet visited this place, i truly recommend you to come indeed.

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