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A trip to say goodbye

I left Stockholm to go to Salvador, my home city, in Brazil on December 24th to spend Christmas with my family. When I was preparing to go to Brazil a strange feeling came over me, something that I never felt before… The feeling of missing my second home in Sweden.

Considering that I come from Bahia Brazil, “the land of happiness” :-) where the coldest day is like the warmest day in Sweden I was a bit surprised to suddenly feel that I was going to miss this place… If you didn’t know, natives in the region of Bahia really can’t stand cold, and neither can I. Every time I walked in the cold streets of Stockholm, I felt that I made a big mistake in my life by moving there. I used to cry, get very emotional and having a hard time accepting that Brazil was so far away and that from now on my life was starting over again in a country so completely opposite of mine, opposite in ALL the ways you can possibly imagine… Climate, culture, language, infrastructure… Everything so different…

Accepting and adapting is really hard, but I still think that for my own good it is the best place for me to be right now. It is not about having things that my country can’t offer me, it is a way to change my habits, to feel happy in a different way that it is not just  beach, parties, and having a lot of friends and family  around me. For me It is about growth, becoming mature, developing my mind, learning something new, starting from the bottom… It is motivational but challenging, even though it would be easier to just be a pessimist and give up, going back to what I know and feel comfortable with. It is really a matter of choice, how we see our reality in a different country, you can choose to give up, go back and do the same things you are used to or accept the big challenge and fight for it.

I just did it, accepting the challenge that’s is… it is not easy, it is hard and sometimes it even feels like suffering, especially if you don’t have the people you love around you, your family and the friends you grew up with. BUT… :) Now I feel very optimistic about Sweden, everything works out for the ones WHO wants  it to work it out.

Now  living in Brazil is a future dream for me…

The BEST holidays

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