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“A photo of yourself”

Today is the first day of participating in the ‘30 day photograph challenge” and I’m kind of looking forward to it. The first thing I need to post is “a photo of myself“. You guys can’t imagine the excitement for all of you to see my face, im just over the moon. I’ll post my ‘face’ at the end of this post after I tell you what I have done this morning, this afternoon and last night after my last post because I didn’t really update after that.

This morning I was woken up at 10:45am by my father dearest, who annoys the shit out of me everyday. I waited at least half an hour before actually getting out of bed and making breakfast.. which was technically lunch. I had 2 pieces of nutella toast and a tall glass of juice, I love juice.

After that, I noticed how bright the house was. The windows were open, the curtains were off their rails and the blinds were pulled up to the very top. This never happened, normally the house is dark and has shadows everywhere.. I was nearly blinded. I looked around and everyone was cleaning, it was so weird. My dad and brother were taking the windows out of their seams and were wiping them down with windex and hosing them with the hose. Mum was vacuuming the back loungeroom and my grandma was cleaning the kitchen. I soon joined in and vacuumed the rest of the house, cleaned the backyard , cleaned my own room, sorted my clothes as well as managing to get some tan time in. The sun here covers everything and I mean everything, there is no shade so you have to make most everything while it lasts because when January finishes, shade covers everything until November. Thats when I’ll lose my tan and become a pale ghost again.

Anyhow, after all the cleaning was done, the family decided to go out for lunch.. we went to McDonald’s. As much as I hate McDonald’s, I still ate it considering I worked my butt off before leaving. After having a second lunch, we all traveled in the car to my great-aunts place which is my grandmas sister.

We spent about.. 3 hours there drinking coffee and eating biscuits. Her house was amazing! It was modern yet ‘old’ at the same time. She had a huge veggie garden full of tomato plants, lettuce and other awesome veggies. She gave us some lemons and cucumbers to take home so now they are here with me.. well, in the fridge in the room next to me. BUT WHATEVER.

We came home about an hour ago and all my downloads have finished downloading so tonight I have a huge line of this to watch. #win. Anyway, i’m getting off topic. I guess its time for you to see a photo of myself. okayyy, well here ya go. I also have some tate spam for you <3

PS: Dylan and I are still friends.. good friends.. sadly.

The BEST holidays

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