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A Love Affair with Coron

Coron, Palawan | March 2011

Growing up, I have always thought that it was expensive to travel to other parts of Palawan other than Puerto Princesa. However, as time when by I realized that it was either the times were changing or just because I’m earning my own money, it is actually quite easy to travel to other Palawan destinations – Coron, at least. So last March 2011, I boarded a plane and went to one of my dream destinations in the Philippines – Coron, Palawan.

It did not disappoint, my friends. Not one bit.

Coron is a small island in Palawan. It’s easy to navigate even by regular transportation via tricycle. The town proper is small, banks are almost beside each other, there is just one wet market and the streets are peaceful at night. The places you go to are are a few minutes away from the island so it’s necessary to rent a boat to get around. There is however, Mt. Tapyas where you take a 700+ step hike to a hilltop overlooking the entire island and Makinit Hot Springs both of which can be accessed by land.

There is not much to say anymore actually as I just really fell in love with the place. Proof of my love? I am going back this January 2012 with my office friends to continue this longstanding tourist-destination love affair.

If you ever want to go to the Philippines, skip Boracay and its overcrowded beaches and head on over to Palawan. As I have mentioned, it will not disappoint. Never. :)

Going to Coron is via plane to Busuanga airport. From there, you have to take a van (they rent at Philippine peso 150 per person or Php1,500 for an entire van) which is about a 30-45 minute drive depending on what hotel you’ll be staying at.

If you’re on a budget but would love the comfort and ambiance of a fancy hotel, I strongly suggest you go to Sunz en Coron. It’s a beautiful hotel owned and managed personally by a Korean named Angela and her family. She’s very warm and accommodating. In fact, we’re staying at the same hotel again this coming January. How’s that for loyalty? ;)

However, if you’d like to try something new, you might want to check out a good friend’s newly opened hotel, GMG Hotel. It has almost the same rates as Sunz en Coron. Owners are warm as well. This one’s right smack in the middle of the town proper that you’d have no problem going around the area. The hotel is a few minutes away from the dock and the market, too!

I will blog about GMG Hotel soon as I will visit the place again this coming January. :)

Also, if you want to have a boat and manage your own time in going to all the lakes and beaches, message me at the “contact me” tab because I have a friend (same owner of the GMG Hotel) who has a boat and can offer his services. What’s better than having a relaxing vacation with time in your own hands, right? :)

Here are the pictures then. Enjoy and I hope you get to visit Coron soon. Will be blogging about my comeback in a few weeks to come.:)

Sunz en Coron <3

Twin Lagoon. In the high tide, you have to go through either by climbing up a flight of wooden stairs or swimming under the lagoon. I swam. Awesome. :)

Walkway going to the Makinit Hot Springs

Barracuda Lake

My favorite one.. Kayangan Lake <3

The pool at the hotel at night. Ain't it pretty? :)

Here's to my ongoing love affair with Coron. See you on January! <3 <3

All photos here were taken by me. All rights reserved.

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