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A list of questions to help you select your credit card

Following are some common questions that can help you narrow down your options for credit cards for daily use. Basically, you have set targets or goals and learn to opti-maxi-mize your options to meet those goals.

  1. What do you value more, hard cash back, airline miles, hotel points or proprietary points.
  2. What is your current best card? What do you get out of it, cash, miles or points? And how many for each $ you spend?
  3. What is your monthly spending and pattern of spending?
  4. Where is your location and what is/are the preferred airport/s for you to fly from?
  5. What is your typical travel pattern? Flexible/somewhat flexible/not flexible.
  6. Do you mainly fly domestic or internationally? If domestic, is it short-haul or coast-to-coast?
  7. Do you value 1.25x-2x economy tickets more or 1 business or first class ticket?
  8. What airlines do you prefer to fly on?
  9. Is your airfare paid out of your pocket or charged to your employer or your business?
  10. What are you preferred destinations?
  11. What is your typical trip read like?
  12. Do you stay at hotels at all? If yes, any preference among the major hotel chains?
  13. How many people are in your party when you travel?
  14. What is most important to you on your trip?
  15. Do you have any travel goals that you are working towards? Any dream trips that you  plan in next 1-2 years?

I think this is good beginning. I am sure there are many more such questions that I have missed out on. I will update this list as and when necessary.

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